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The Milkmaid and Her Pale Fable

A terrific reminder at present from Mr. Aesop 🙂

Patty the Milkmaid was going to market carrying her milk in a pail on her head.

As she went alongside, she started calculating what she would do with the cash she would get for the milk.

“I’ll purchase some fowls from Farmer Brown,” mentioned she, “and they’re going to lay eggs every morning, which I’ll promote to the parson’s spouse. With the cash that I get from the sale of those eggs I’ll purchase myself a brand new dimity frock and a chip hat; and after I go to market, gained’t all of the younger males come up and converse to me! Polly Shaw can be that jealous; however I don’t care. I shall simply have a look at her and toss my head like this.”

As she spoke she tossed her head again, the pail fell off it, and all of the milk was spilt.

Ethical of the story (in line with Aesop): Don’t depend your chickens earlier than they’ve hatched.

Ethical of the story (in line with J$): Don’t use cash to impress others! Use it to impress your self and construct a cheerful life for your loved ones. (After which whenever you’re financially free, purchase all of the dimity frocks you’d like! ;))

Have a incredible Thanksgiving, everybody. Thanks for nonetheless being right here in spite of everything these years 🙏

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// Different nice reminders as we head into the vacation season:

*This publish was initially shared in 2017, however needed to get these dimity frocks trending once more 😉

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