14 small business marketing tips: Boost your business

When we talk about marketing for small businesses, we need to keep in mind that we are referring to a complete concept of strategies to delight customers and sell more.

According to our research the most effective marketing channels to get new customers are:

  • Social media;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Paid media;
  • Event marketing;
  • Video marketing;
  • Content Marketing;
  • Influencer marketing;
  • podcasts;
  • Video/streaming;
  • Print advertisement;
  • Radio advertisement.

See how, in addition to digital marketing, there are a number of channel options to promote small business marketing?

Here are some tips for converging these media and creating an effective strategy for a small business.

14 small business marketing tips

  1. Study the customer

Our first marketing tip for small businesses is to understand and study your customer.

A good tip for this step is to design your business personas. Personas are detailed portraits of a company’s ideal customers. For this, it is necessary to define characteristics, habits, customs, and objectives for these customers, customizing the description as much as possible.


  1. Know the competition

Studying and knowing the competition is also a marketing differential for small businesses. Even if you fall into the individual micro entrepreneur category. It is essential to assess how other professionals in your segment behave.

Research the main communication channels in your segment and assess the behavior of the competition. This evaluation plays a dual role in your marketing strategy: while it indicates the best places to find customers, it also helps to build an image and a copyright positioning.

  1. Create an identity for your brand

If you are interested in small business marketing, you need to know about the importance of brand identity. It will be largely responsible for differentiating your business from others. So, when investing in marketing, don’t forget to create a reference for your material.

This can be done in different ways:

  • The design style of posts on social networks and advertising materials;
  • Own language;
  • Slogan or classic catchphrases.
  1. Project marketing return

Before investing in small business marketing, take the time to structure your strategy. This includes projecting the return on actions taken and the relationship between this return and the investment made.

That way, your work will be better guided and will happen realistically.

A good tip is to take advantage of the moment of creating the marketing plan to project the expected returns with the campaigns.

  1. Invest in diversified resources

Do you remember the list of marketing channels mentioned in the previous topic of this article? Well, know that to do good marketing for small businesses, you need to mix resources and create diversified campaigns.

Think, for example, of creating a disclosure that takes place on social networks, on the company’s website, and via email. If your business has an offline profile, why not add some local radio spots too?

In this way, the universe of reach expands and, consequently, the results as well.

  1. Give your brand a face

The explosion of popularity of digital marketing has brought to light a trend that grows every day: the desire of consumers to relate to people, not brands.

Therefore, whether you are a small business, study the best way to assign an identity to your marketing actions. The face of your company can be yours or a figure that relates to the ideals of the business. The most important thing is to humanize campaigns and create personalized relationships with customers.

  1. Establish good partnerships

Every business goes further if it joins forces with strategic partners. And it won’t be any different in your case.

An effective marketing strategy for small businesses is to join efforts with other entrepreneurs, multiplying the universe of reach of campaigns.

Another tip is to propose partnerships with digital influencers and satisfied customers, who can become multipliers of your business.

  1. Sell with truth

Regardless of the marketing positioning defined for your business, always remember to ensure transparency and truth.

This is the best way to build a legacy of loyal customers, satisfied and willing to recommend your service to others.

  1. Know SEO and inbound marketing techniques

If digital marketing is part of your internet marketing strategy, go beyond just “publishing content”. Get to know search engine optimization (SEO) tools and make your content rank better in searches.


  1. Create marketing goals

Another way to guide actions and act in an orderly way is to set marketing goals. After all, what is the expectation with the actions taken? Gain new customers? How many? In what time period?


  1. Follow communication channels frequently

There’s no point in creating an excellent marketing strategy for small businesses if you fail to follow through.

After all, good marketing tactics lead to more contacts, more interested customers, and more potential sales. And if you are not available for timely responses, your customer is unlikely to remain interested.

  1. Make exclusive offers

If you want a quick return on your small business marketing strategy, our tip is to invest in exclusive offers and discounts.

Exclusivity works as a mental sales trigger, and awakens, consumers, with sensations such as scarcity (especially if the offer is accompanied by a message such as “few units”, “limited time”, etc.) and reciprocity (when the customer feels like “repay” a gift or special condition offered by the company).

  1. Value the loyal customer

Loyalty to customers is the dream of any company, whether micro, small or medium. After all, the father of marketing, Philip Kotler, once said that acquiring new customers can cost 5 to 7 times more than keeping loyal customers.

Given this data, invest in relationship actions, such as sending newsletters, satisfaction surveys, periodic contacts, and discount clubs.

  1. Never stop innovating

Last but not least, our last small business marketing tip: Always innovate!

It may seem difficult to keep innovation as the flagship of a business’s actions, but make no mistake: everything that is done in an authorial way is innovative. Small processes, product details, a custom method, and so on.

A tip for incorporating innovative thinking into your routine is every day, before starting work, stop for a few minutes and think, “what would be a whole new way to do this today?”

Now you have a complete guide to marketing for small businesses.


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