6 profitable small business ideas to start

Discover the most sought after options in the market and invest without financial risk.
Getting projects off the ground and taking the first steps on a successful entrepreneurial journey doesn’t have to be just a dream, but it can be a reality accessible through several profitable small business options.

Today, there is no shortage of reasons to believe in opportunities, after all, Pak is one of the countries where companies are opening the most in the world and has improved entrepreneurship rates since 2000, when the index began to be measured by Global Entrepreneurship. Monitor (GEM) with the support of Sebrae.  

Entrepreneurship is an alternative sought by several motivations beyond necessity. Whatever your inspiration, to build a profitable business, here’s how to get started with little money and become relevant quickly with the tips below.


Discover profitable low-investment businesses

The profitable business alternatives are numerous. We selected some of the most sought-after by consumers who have low risk and easy financial returns. 

1. Online sales

In addition to the positive results for 2020, online sales, in the first quarter of 2021, increased by 57.4% compared to the same period in the previous year – representing a movement of BRL 35.2 billion, according to the Neotrust 7th Edition report.

With this promising scenario, why not create an online store? You can sell on social media, set up an e-commerce or enter a marketplace. The product categories offered can go according to trends or particular preferences. Some popular options are: fashion, accessories, beauty, perfumery and health.

2. Consultancy

Digital marketing, law, accounting, economics, and business management, among many other areas. Or even more practical examples, such as makeup, skincare, decoration, home organization and clothes. Anyway, if you have any knowledge that you think is worth sharing with more people, this could be your profitable business idea. 

You can create a portfolio to talk about your experience on a website or on social media. With the dissemination of your work, you become a wanted person and, in this way, your services are recognized, valued, and paid.  


3. Import of products

Importing and reselling products can bring advantages to those who want to start a profitable business. With a small structure, it is possible to enjoy easy management and flexible hours. 

The differential is the versatility in purchases, the competitiveness of the foreign market, the possibility of access to technological innovation and the exclusivity of items. In this sense, some examples are: electronic devices, toys, games, cosmetics, clothes and shoes. 

But to be successful, it is important to pay attention to the specific rules that exist for this type of market. 

4. Dropshipping

In dropshipping, you are the intermediary between the supplier and the end consumer. Its responsibility is the management of the sales channel, marketing and customer relationship. In this case, items are purchased to order after orders are placed.  

According to E-commerce Brasil, in 2019, this market was valued at US$ 162.44 billion and, by 2027, it is expected to reach US$ 591.77 billion. In other words, a sales model that has everything to work out. 

The competitive advantage is that the products for sale are not easily found. Another differential is the low investment since there is no need for merchandise in stock. 

5. Infoproducts

The info products market is an example of a scalable business with unlimited sales potential. This is the sale of exclusively digital products focused on the dissemination of knowledge, including online courses, e-books and audiobooks.

Regarding physical versions, it is worth considering some benefits, such as product cost and advertising. 

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the dissemination of info products on any online platform. In this case, you receive a commission for every sale that comes from your link. It is an opportunity for info producers or users who spend a lot of time on the internet. 

💡Tips to open your profitable small business

Many segments are constantly on the rise and even end up immune to the crisis. To optimize your investment, it is important to analyze the market and opportunities, understand their motivations, evaluate finances, and always seek to inform yourself in order to achieve innovation and continuous improvement

Regardless of trends and the amount of money available for the initial investment, it is possible to undertake without fear, not least because some passions, such as cooking, caring for animals, writing, and creating crafts can turn into an income. That is, small profitable businesses also arise from a hobby, yes! 

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