Father’s Day Campaign: Check out 4 valuable tips to explore this date

See our suggestions for making a winning Father’s Day campaign to get closer to your audience and improve your brand’s results.

Have you already planned your brand’s Father’s Day campaign? 

Believe me: doing specific actions for the commemorative dates is something very important to bring your company closer to the public, as well as improve your business results, leverage sales and attract new customers. 

And of course, Father’s Day is an opportunity that cannot pass without being celebrated by your brand. 

Check out our suggestions for actions that you can put into practice on this date and, also, an overview of what to expect for this festivity. 

Market Expectation for the Father’s Day Campaign

It’s no secret that in recent years online sales have taken a big leap. And for the celebration of Father’s Day this should be no different. 


Also, according to the Intention to Purchase on Father’s Day survey, carried out by the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) and the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brasil), in partnership with Offer Wise Pesquisas, it was found that:

  • 46% of respondents buy gifts in the first week of August and 11% on the eve of Father’s Day.
  • The estimated value for the gifts is R$207.52.
  • The date should move about R$22.35 billion in trade.

These data show us two important things: 

  • The Father’s Day Campaign is extremely important for brands to increase their sales ;
  • If your company still doesn’t sell through online channels, it’s time to rethink your strategy and check the possibility of entering this world . After all, consumers are increasingly buying without leaving home.

Father’s Day Campaign: 4 tips to put into practice

1. Remember that there are parents of different profiles

Before planning your Father’s Day campaign , remember that there are numerous profiles of fathers. So, let go of the idea of ​​just focusing on more “traditional” parenting.

Also, of course, know very well who your customers are and what your target audience is – keeping in mind that it is your children who should be impacted by your campaigns. 

Having this knowledge of your customer base, as well as the profiles of parents that make sense for your brand, your campaign will be developed in a more assertive way and will reach the audience you want .

2. Define the channels you will use to make your Father’s Day campaign

For your campaign, will you use more traditional media (television, billboards, radio, pamphlets) or will you focus more on online media ( social networks , email, website, e-commerce, WhatsApp, app, etc.) ? 

Our tip is not to leave aside digital channels, being able to complement the campaign strategy with traditional media . 

Remember that special dates call for special approaches . So make your campaign very clear to people on the internet. So, some suggestions that you can follow to put this tip into practice are: 

  • Publicize the action through all your communication channels, so that anyone who has any contact with your brand in the days before Father’s Day is aware of your special action for the date;
  • Make a special visual communication for Father’s Day and use it in all your promotional materials;
  • Create exclusive and attractive promotions that make sense and address the different profiles of parents. 

3. Make your customers’ lives easier by offering selected kits and products

Father's Day Gift Kit

Many people are confused about what to buy for Father’s Day. To assist in this mission, your brand can already make some suggestions for kits and products for parents. 

Making this selection of products, in addition to helping undecided customers, is also a way of stimulating cross-selling, increasing the average ticket of your sales, and making the customer feel that they have purchased a more complete and valuable product for Valentine’s Day. Country.

To do this, you just need to make a combination of items that make sense and show the customer that he is making an excellent choice when giving this gift on Father’s Day.

4. Offer benefits and advantages to those who buy from your brand on Father’s Day

How about leveraging your Father’s Day campaign even more by offering exclusive benefits to customers who purchase products from your brand on this date? The benefits can be diverse, for example:

  • Discount coupons;
  • Free shipping;
  • Free subscription for a certain period and/or freemium package – if you offer a subscription product, the customer can enjoy the service for a period free of charge;
  • Cashback – encouraging the customer to come back to your store in the future;
  • Coupon to participate in sweepstakes;
  • Exclusive gift;
  • Product customization, among others.

Check which of these benefits make sense for your brand and your customers and put them into practice. Always remember to disclose this advantage when making your materials for the campaign.

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