This is a very interesting approach within the world of Marketing, as it is different from other more traditional strategies. After all, she doesn’t use a mass marketing campaign to then reach her target audience. The concept of ABM is exactly the opposite.

First, it finds and selects customers. Then there are marketing campaigns that are already fully focused on the right audience. This concept is known as land and expansion.

What are the advantages of using ABM?

As stated earlier, the main advantage of using ABM is the interaction between sales and marketing . With these two spheres working together, the results can become much better.

Research shows that the ROI (return on investment) of Account-Based Marketing is very good. That is, investment in marketing generates more profit, returning in new customers and engagement.

We can also cite as a benefit of ABM the increase in profits and revenues of your business. After all, with Account-Based Marketing strategies being executed in the right way, your company has everything to evolve and achieve financial goals.

Other than that, the closing rate is higher with ABM, the definition of the ideal customer becomes clearer and you even increase the chances of Up and Cross-selling your products/services.

Well, as we’ve already mentioned, you can still search for a specific Account-Based Marketing book to delve further into the strategy.

What types of Account-Based Marketing are there?

We comment with you that there are some types of Account Based Marketing. Each type of ABM has distinct characteristics, covering all types of businesses. Let’s talk about them next!

ABM Lite

In this type of ABM, the main objective is to relate customer profiles.

That is, you set up small networks of similar profiles and develop marketing plans for them. To do this, customer accounts need to share similar characteristics, challenges and business objectives.

But as the strategy is personalized, the ideal is to work with 5 to 10 clients in each network, so it is possible to talk more strategically and assertively with each one of them.

programmatic ABM

In programmatic Account Based Marketing, the proposal is broader: massive use of technological resources .

In this way, more potential customers are reached with the Marketing strategy. Programmatic ABM is the latest tool in this model.

The Programmatic ABM differentiator revolves around the technology for reverse IP lookup for website personalization and advertising. The main objective is to generate leads from new and existing profiles.

Within this, the main strategy used is email marketing. After that, face-to-face meetings and direct mail are great for social engagement.

Strategic ABM

Last but not least, we have Strategic Account-Based Marketing. This ABM model, as the name implies, is Strategy Marketing at its core.

In this case, the marketing team works with the sales team, seeking strategies to work with each profile individually, meeting the needs of customers.

This is because, in strategic ABM, the main objectives are building commercial bridges and gaining information about potential customers. In this way, it is possible to create real value proposals for each customer, creating a perception of value in relation to your product/service.

In the case of Strategic ABM, the most chosen tactics are: individual meetings, leadership positioning, innovation events, executive engagement plans.

Well, you can still search for Account-Based Marketing book to specialize even more in each type of ABM.

Inbound marketing differs from account-based marketing, what is the reason?

The main difference between Account-Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing is the strategy used to reach customers.

In Inbound Marketing, the campaign is launched first and then a selection of customer profiles takes place through the funnel. It is an effective strategy for attracting opportunities that reaches larger segments of the public.

That is, it is a great strategy for those who want to attract leads and educate the market. Being able to conquer and generate value in a growing number of potential customers.

In ABM, the first thing to do is to identify potential customers, and then campaign directly for them. More clearly, opportunities are identified through data and then worked on.

Therefore, campaigns end up being completely targeted.

Is ABM the solution to your problems?

Firstly, one of the main merits of the ABM model is to solve some problems between the company’s marketing and sales. So, if you want your team to work in an aligned and strategic way, yes, ABM is for you.

In this way, these two structures work in partnership, aiming at prospecting more engagement and profit.

Furthermore, by bringing sales and marketing teams together to pursue the same goal, ABM keeps these two structures focused on the common good of the company. Thus, everyone aims at engaging, in the creation of proposals and invoicing of the accounts that have the greatest chance of success.

After all, when the two areas are looking at the same information, and objectives and with the same focus, the chance of success is much greater.

Bet on ABM as your company’s new marketing strategy

In summary, Account-Based Marketing is the ideal marketing strategy for the entrepreneur looking to change the direction of his company. In this type of model, the interaction of sales and marketing generates more results for your business.

That’s because whether ABM lite, programmatic or strategic, there is a strategy that works perfectly for your company. The future of your company thanks you!