That’s because this type of material helps a lot to boost engagement. In addition, it is also capable of increasing the database of potential customers, which can be analyzed for future campaigns, for example.

But what does interactive content mean? Well, roughly speaking, it is any and all material produced that enables user interaction . As a result, there is greater organic engagement and the possibility of getting to know more and more potential customers.

There are even several ways to produce interactive content in marketing, with promising results for your business.

If you’re interested in the subject and want to increase your engagement through interactive marketing content, check out some information we’ve prepared to help you!

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is that type of content where people don’t just watch or read certain information, they participate and interact.

That is, it is possible to make a decision, click, respond and the like. The user interacts with these dynamic materials and is no longer just a spectator.

We can cite as examples interactive infographics, quizzes and question and answer games.

All this material (in marketing) has the main objective of providing user interactivity with the content, which ends up generating greater engagement and generating the possibility of collecting user data, which completely changes the efficiency of a content marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of interactive content?

The use of content is essential if you seek better results for your online business.

That’s because this type of material holds the user’s attention, making him stay longer on your page. This interaction is essential to keep leads engaged.

In addition, this type of content makes the engagement of your business “bomb”, as the customer not only receives that content but is also part of its construction.

That is, the user will not only read or see something, he will interact as well. And that makes a lot of difference.

Within digital marketing, we can also highlight gamification as a benefit.

In the gamification process, some game characteristic techniques are used. Thus, the interaction becomes lighter and more fun.

Passive and interactive content are different types of materials with different purposes as well.

Passive content is that type of classic content, in which you present what you want through texts, videos, audios, etc. in a traditional way, without any possible interaction on the part of the user.

Interactive content, as we said earlier, is very different from conventional content.

In it, the main objective is to seek user interaction with the content.

This can be done through tests, quizzes, and games, for example, which ends up generating more curiosity and engagement on the part of the customer.

Types of interactive content

Interactive content in marketing is very important to generate organic engagement and hold the user’s attention on your page, making the customer feel more comfortable to consume what you are offering.

And for that, there are some very interesting ways. These are some of them:

  • Live broadcasts;
  • Quizzes;
  • Tests on subjects of interest;
  • interactive games;
  • Interactive video;
  • infographics.

But you can also create content and ask users to comment on something, that way, a certain type of interaction will also happen.

What to do to produce interactive content?

To produce this type of content, you first need to know your audience and understand what they like .

With this information, you can start thinking about the ideal type. It is interesting to use content you already know to produce with interaction.

For content in marketing, it is also interesting to produce targeting the funnel stages.

With this, publications are part of the sales cycle, playing a key role in the ultimate goal within marketing and sales.

Finally, it is necessary to implement responsive layouts for web content.

After all, as the content is purely interactive, all elements of the mobile or computer screen must be working perfectly. This is very important for the success of a strategy that uses interactive content as a foundation.

Tools to build interactive content

We’ve already talked about the importance of interactive content in marketing, as well as its types and uses.

Now, we are going to show you some tools that can help a lot in implementing this content in your business.

You just need to search for the right tool to use the way you like the most. Here they are:

  • Quizur helps you create quizzes;
  • Mapme is great for creating interactive maps;
  • Contentools helps you create maps, quizzes and infographics;
  • Survey Monkey to create interactive surveys;
  • And many others.

Interactive content is essential to boost your business on the web

Interactive content in marketing is very important to stand out and engage with audiences these days.

With so many content offerings on the internet, interactivity is certainly an important differentiator for getting new customers and engagement. That’s why it’s so used and became a fever on the internet.

With the tips and explanations that we have given in this text, if you are interested in the subject, know that you are on the right path to use the content in your business or in your digital marketing texts.