– EN Star Style – Priyanka Chopra has teamed up with bosses at Crocs to give shoes to healthcare workers in India and Los Angeles.
The Quantico actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to voice her support for frontline health workers, who are under immense pressure as they attend to patients afflicted with the Covid-19 virus.
Paying tribute to medical teams with a short video clip, Chopra wrote in the caption: “Healthcare professionals around the world are working every day to ensure our safety and fighting for us on the frontlines. Their courage, commitment, and sacrifices are saving innumerable lives in this global pandemic.”
Cases of coronavirus continue to rise, with the rate of global infections reaching an estimated 2.6 million and more than 184,000 confirmed fatalities.
Adding “while we cannot even imagine what’s it like to be in their shoes”, Chopra announced that she will present thousands of pairs of Crocs to hospital staff.
Approximately 10,000 pairs will be given to workers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and a further 10,000 more to healthcare professionals in hospitals across India.
The 37-year-old credited executives at Crocs with initiating the idea, as they had already given away thousands of pairs of the foam resin clogs to U.S. healthcare workers under the brand’s “Free Pair for Healthcare” scheme. Crocs are popular with healthcare workers, who enjoy the footwear for its comfort and durability throughout long shifts.
Chopra became a Crocs brand ambassador in October 2019 and starred in the company’s latest “Come As You Are” campaign.
In December, through her connections with multilateral aid organisation UNICEF, the star also facilitated the donation of 50,000 pairs of Crocs to school children in Belize.