– EN Fashion – Derek Blasberg didn’t have a hard time convincing Victoria Beckham to launch her own YouTube channel after she realised she’d be controlling her own narrative.
It was announced earlier this month that the fashion designer would be joining the YouTube revolution with a channel of her own, which she launched during her London Fashion Week show on Sunday (17Feb19).
For the venture, she’s teamed up with style journalist Derek, who has been hired as the fashion and beauty director, with Derek explaining to Harper’s Bazaar how he managed to sweet talk her into it.
“A lot of social media can be really daunting; it’s all about opening up your life and Victoria is a very private person. But I think what appealed to her about this is that she is controlling her own narrative,” he shared. “She finally has a place to say, ‘This is how I do my lipstick,’ ‘This is what time I wake up,’ ‘This is what time I do my workout,’ and, ‘This is what I wear during my workout.’ And those are all things Victoria’s followers want her perspective on.”
And for the designer herself, who presented a line full of her usual feminine elegance in the British capital over the weekend, YouTube was an untapped market for her namesake label – which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018.
“Although my kids are obsessed with YouTube, it’s a platform that I hadn’t really tapped into at all until Derek approached me,” she said. “The more (Derek) explained, the more I thought that this would be a great platform for me to show what I do, who I am and to introduce my team. It is going to be informative, there will be beauty content, but then there’s also going to be humour. This is content that I am going to own – and it can be whatever I want it to be.”