– EN Fashion – Stella McCartney finds it “refreshing” to be asked questions about her father Paul McCartney.
The 47-year-old faced some scrutiny over her celebrity upbringing in the early days of her fashion career, most notably from Karl Lagerfeld who stated that Chloe had chosen a famous name “but in music, not fashion” when the brand appointed her as creative director in 1997.
After leaving to set up her own eponymous label in 2001, Stella fast became one of the most famous designers in the world, and is now best known for her commitment to a sustainable and ethical business model. As a result, her dad rarely comes up in conversation anymore.
“I find it very refreshing that you’ve asked me that because I haven’t been asked about my dad in years,” she told a reporter from Emirates Woman. “I’m so proud of my dad and he’s proud of me. When I was first starting out obviously that conversation was number one on the list but now I don’t get asked as much. I’m in a good place with his connection to everything that I do – I’m very grateful and blessed for the parents that have been so helpful in my career.
However, the fashion mogul is adamant that her famous father alone would not have been enough to make her a success.
“I don’t think I would be around if I was just Paul McCartney’s daughter and didn’t have a product,” she quipped.
Stella, who is a parent to four children with husband Alasdhair Willis, is now able to use her brand to benefit the former Beatles star, and vice versa.
“He recently used some of my clothes for a music video,” she smiled. “His music is also in my Bond Street store – it’s three hours of original Paul McCartney music, so if you want to get an authentic musical experience of his work, you have to visit the store.”