– EN Movies – Scarlett Johansson would be interested in starring in a Dolly Parton movie, after the country singer suggested the actress play her in a biopic.
When she was interviewed recently about a potential movie adaptation of her life, the country music legend was asked who she’d want to see play her in the project, to which she replied either Scarlett or Reese Witherspoon.
The actress was asked about the prospect by Entertainment Tonight as she attended the Elle Women In Hollywood Awards on Monday, and admitted she wouldn’t rule it out.
“Those are big shoes to fill,” she replied. “Or, probably not. They are probably very tiny, dainty, sparkly fabulous shoes.”
While Scarlett has “never found a biopic that I felt compelled to try my hand at,” she added she’d be interested “just for the costumes alone!”
“She is quite a woman,” she said of the 9 to 5 star. “She’s a hard-working woman and she embodies everything that is fierce independence. So, I’m sure it would be a lot of work but it would be good work. So, maybe!”
The Avengers star is currently being kept busy in all aspects of her life, with work, motherhood and planning her wedding to Colin Jost. Of how she’s managing to balance it all, she smiled: “It’s very imbalanced. I think that is a rumour. There is no balance.”