– EN Star Style – Reese Witherspoon’s skin breaks out if she doesn’t cleanse her skin properly at night.
The Big Little Lies actress and producer is an ambassador for Elizabeth Arden’s March On Campaign, a drive which pledges to donate $1 million to UN Women.
Because of the nature of her job, Reese has become a bit of a skincare expert herself over the years, and knows exactly how to treat her skin after a long day of shooting.
“I wear a lot of make-up on set so I love a deep cleanse at the end of the day, otherwise I tend to break out,” she shared with Britain’s Stylist magazine. “Lately I’ve also been using retinol capsules at night and my skin looks so much better.”
Expanding on how she became involved with beauty giant Elizabeth Arden, 42-year-old Reese explained that she has long been a fan of the brand founder.
“There are so many inspiring female leaders. We have six women running for president in the U.S., which is groundbreaking. Last year, I worked with Oprah and found her lovely, inspiring and determined, and the women at Time’s Up, like Shonda Rhimes, are incredible,” she said, adding: “That’s why I started working with Elizabeth Arden, as she knew what women wanted to express and how they wanted to feel. The fact she gave out lipsticks to all the (U.S.) suffragettes marching for their right vote in 1912 – I love that the theme threads though women’s lives for generations.”