– EN Star Style – Noomi Rapace has insisted her new perfume venture isn’t about celebrity endorsement.
Swedish star Noomi has now unveiled N.C.P. (New Collective Products) Olfactive, the fragrance concept she created alongside hairdresser Steve Terry, former skier Jonas Nilsson and songwriter Ash Pournouri, to a global market after first launching in her home country.
Offering seven scents, the idea behind the brand is to use fewer notes than an average bottle of perfumer; typically, the N.C.P. formulas have 15 to 20 notes, compared to 40 to 60 found in most perfumes.
“It’s not about celebrities, it’s not my name or anyone else’s name,” Noomi told WWD. “We are a collective creating products, it’s not a celebrity standing with a bottle saying, ‘Because you’re worth it.’ The time of self-promotion and ‘me, me, me’ will have a short lifespan, it’s very boring and unsexy. I feel it will be over soon and that’s why I love that (luxury London department store) Selfridges embraced this concept from the beginning.
“The consumer is the new star. Everyone is their own expert and you no longer need anybody telling you what to do or what to like, it’s in your own hands. We basically created a toolbox for people to be able to embrace any version of themselves.”
Admitting she used to shun perfumes as a teen actress, Noomi later started to use fragrance as a way to embrace the different characters she was playing.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star also relies on perfume in her day-to-day life.
“If I lost the perfume, I was always in a panic before a red carpet, because I needed to smell me. It basically feels like a shield, it strengthens my aura and it’s almost like an angel putting wings on you if you have the right smell,” the 39-year-old explained.
The new perfumes are available in 50ml and 10ml bottles, as well as a 5ml roll-on contained in a pendant.