– EN Star Style – R&B star Ne-Yo has dropped 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) after adopting a vegan diet.
The So Sick singer insists he has never been healthier after starting a plant-based diet in 2017, and is steadily getting more strict about what he eats. Among the benefits he’s experienced from eliminating all animal products from his daily menu: weight loss and better skin.
“I am loving it,” he tells Us Weekly. “I genuinely am. It’s been about two years. More energy, my face clears up, weight falls off. I lost, like, 30 pounds!”
The singer/songwriter was prompted to try veganism after watching controversial documentary What The Health which explores the relationship between government agencies, big business in the food industry and national health problems including chronic diseases.
“Initially, I watched the documentary What The Health, and to put it frankly, it p**sed me off,” he explained. “It really did. I was like, ‘Let me get this straight – the person giving you the disease and the person fighting the disease are in bed together? To hell with y’all.’ Out of spite, I went vegan because I was like, ‘Y’all don’t care'”
The 2017 documentary has been criticised by doctors for spreading “propaganda” and for claiming that all health issues can be solved by eliminating meat and dairy.However, the R&B star considers turning vegan to be one of the best things he’s ever done.
“A friend told me a plant-based diet could reverse the effects of heart disease, cancer,” he said. “I had tendonitis in both my knees – two weeks, brand new knees, like it never happened. I kid you not! I love it.”
But there’s one area that vegans haven’t quite cracked yet, insisted the star.
“They just haven’t figured out the cheese thing yet. Not yet,” he laughed.