– EN Star Style – Naomi Scott’s costumes for her role as Princess Jasmine in Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of the animated classic Aladdin were specifically created with the character’s narrative in mind.
The actress opened up about her movie wardrobe during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, telling reporters that the aesthetics of her looks were secondary to what the garments represent.
“If she’s wearing something that’s structured and beautiful, it can’t just be the sake of it looking great, it needs to be connected to the story,” the 25-year-old reflected. “I think that was really important and I think we got the balance.”
Costume designer Michael Wilkinson shared the Power Rangers star’s views, and suggested that conceptualising and creating the costumes allowed him to further explore the Guy Ritchie-directed movie’s characters’ “complex psychologies and interesting personalities”.
He went on to claim that, although the film is a “celebration of the beauty of Arab culture”, he didn’t want that to be the sole purpose of the costumes. Instead, he wanted the end result to highlight a broad spectrum of Eastern cultures, bringing together various aspects of Arabian, Indian, and Asian heritage.
“When you’re designing the costumes for a live action film that’s based on animation, there’s an opportunity to take these characters and give them literally more depth and details,” he considered. “It was wonderful to explore who Jasmine really was and be able to express that through her many costumes in the film.”
Aladdin will hit U.K. cinemas on 22 May (19), and will make its U.S. theatrical debut two days later.