– EN Fashion – Kate Moss encourages individuality as she believes it was the secret to her success.
The British star first rose to prominence at the end of the so-called supermodel era, which was dominated by women like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington – all who were renowned for their tall, curvaceous figures.
Kate’s waifish physique made her central to the ‘heroin chic’ trend of the 1990s, and looking back, she still finds it hard to believe she managed to make a name for herself.
“I never could compare myself to those girls,” she explained in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar U.S. “I wasn’t five foot eleven, I wasn’t built like they were. I was always different, and that’s why I got booked.”
Being unique worked for her, but Kate worries that it’s harder for models to stand out today, and that includes her 16-year-old daughter Lila, who was made the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty last year (18).
“For Lila and her friends, it’s hard because it’s all there on the phone, the Kardashian factor, it’s in their face much more than it was for us,” the 44-year-old considered. “It’s instant inspiration but also instant judgment. But she has seen me, and I’m not obsessed with myself, so hopefully, that will rub off.”
As well as a low maintenance approach to beauty, Kate has also learned how to relax after many years of partying, and is pleased that her wild nights out haven’t appeared to damage her appearance.
“I do yoga every day. I don’t go out nearly as much. And I take care of my skin, which somehow has held up,” she laughed. “The bad things I have done usually take their toll, and I’ve been quite lucky in that respect, but you have to put in the work.”