– EN Movies – Chloe Sevigny says it’s “very hard” to accept that women filmmakers are still in the minority in Hollywood.
The actress, who stars in the upcoming Jim Jarmusch zombie horror The Dead Don’t Die alongside Bill Murray and Adam Driver, opened up about her frustration that the gender balance is still unequal.
In an interview with Deadline, the 44-year-old said she was more “at ease” being around – and working with – women, as she feels objectified by men.
“We’re talking about it, we’re more vocal about it, but it still feels pretty old-fashioned,” Sevigny explained. “Especially when you walk on set. I was making The Act in Savannah and there are female filmmakers and producers, and a lot of women involved, but I still walked on set and I was the only woman in the room and there were like 40 men around me.
“And you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, right. Where are all the ladies?’ And that’s very hard.”
She also admitted she felt comfortable on the set of The Dead Don’t Die, especially when she was playing the part of a zombie, because she wasn’t sexualised.
“Doing Jim Jarmusch’s movie, the day when I was a zombie was the most comfortable day for me because I was like, ‘None of these men are going to be sexualizing me or looking at me in that way.’ And I don’t know if that’s more telling about who I am or how I see things, but that was the best day,” she confessed.
And Sevigny will always be eager to sign up for any future female-driven films, as she’s far more interested in women than men.
“I think I’m more interested in telling stories about women because I understand women. I mean, I like boys, I like sleeping with boys and flirting with them. But I’m more interested in hanging out with girls and talking to girls,” she shared.