– EN Fashion – Ashley Graham has no qualms about replying to her critics on social media.
The curvy model is one of the hottest names in the fashion industry and has landed major gigs for the likes of Swimsuits for All, Revlon, and Rag & Bone, and walked for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Siriano, and Michael Kors.
In spite of her success, Ashley is still targeted by online trolls, and she has now shared that she isn’t afraid to fire back at certain users.
“I listen to my fans and I value their feedback. I disregard the haters. Their words don’t hurt me,” she said in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar U.K. “As an example, I just posted some photos from Gigi Hadid’s birthday party on Instagram – I had worn this oversized denim dress with thigh-high boots and my chunkiness was hanging over the top of the boot. Someone commented: ‘Your thighs are bursting out of them.’ I decided to write back and say: ‘Yes, my thighs were bursting out and I felt sexy AF (as f**k).'”
In addition to working as a model, Ashley is a prominent body positivity activist, and often discusses the topic in TV interviews and on her podcast. And while the journey to a fully inclusive fashion industry has some way to go, she is proud of the shifts that have already occurred.
“I want to advocate for equal representation for all curvy women – all sizes, races and ages. In talking about my size, I have to remember that my body type has been around for a long time and that women of colour have always embraced and celebrated their curves. Now, there are white faces connected to curves and I feel a big sense of responsibility there – those women have been highly disregarded by the fashion industry,” the 31-year-old added.