– EN Star Style – Actress Anya Taylor-Joy has come to embrace her natural hair colour after experimenting with different shades for roles.
The star of Split and The Witch initially hid her blonde tresses because she felt it made her appear demure, but after starring in a few films as a brunette, she has come to appreciate her lighter locks.
“At the beginning (of my career) I very much eschewed my natural blonde hair because I thought it made me look very soft and vulnerable, and then I came back to it maybe two years into my career because I wanted to re-harness my vulnerability as a strength,” she tells Harper’s Bazaar. “And now I’m really enjoying having my natural hair colour, because also it keeps me out of the make-up chair for longer. If I have brown hair my blonde roots really come in, and so it almost looks like I’m balding, which I’m not.”
She adds, “I also had ginger hair even more recently than brown hair, which I loved.”
The British-Argentine 22 year old, who is headlining a new campaign for Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb fragrance, has also acquired a few unique beauty hacks in recent years.
“When I have been wearing make-up, I cannot stress the importance of a hot towel,” she tells the publication. “That’s my only diva moment on set! I have two: one to take off all the make-up from the day, and the second to deep clean.”
The budding talent swears by having multiple lipsticks on hand at all times.
“You’d usually find around three lipsticks in my handbag,” she shares, noting her favourites are Maybelline Superstay in Pioneer, The Rimmel shade Starry Eyed and the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick shade Bond Girl.
One missing element from her beauty and skincare routine is eyebrow grooming of any kind.
She recalls, “My grandma completely plucked all of her eyebrows off because of the trend at the time, and when I first picked up a pair of tweezers aged seven my mum yanked them away and said, ‘never touch your eyebrows’. She was pretty intense about it, so I listened to her!”