– EN Fashion – Adut Akech plans her dinner while she’s walking the runway to distract herself from the task at hand.
Since making her runway debut for Saint Laurent in 2017, the Sudanese-Australian model has become one of the most in-demand names in fashion, with her making catwalk appearances for the likes of Fendi, Valentino, Prada, Givenchy, and Haider Ackermann during the recent spring/summer 2020 Fashion Month.
During an interview with L’Officiel USA, the 19-year-old was asked what trick she uses to feel comfortable on the runway and she shared that she distracts her mind by thinking about food.
“When I think of the catwalk, I think too much and that is not good. So, I think about eating and sleeping, that really helps me,” she revealed. “I am in my own world and wonder: ‘What will I eat after the show?’ That’s my trick. I don’t know if I would recommend it to other models, but it works for me.”
Akech also confessed that she doesn’t work out or limit her food intake during fashion weeks.
“I don’t train during fashion week. I just try to drink a lot of water and eat as much as possible, and that alone can be difficult because we run from one place to another,” she continued. “But I try to eat and sleep whenever I can. I don’t do fitness to stay slim, but I used to run a lot. I felt good about that.”
During the interview, Akech also shared that hamburgers used to be her go-to comfort food until she became a pescatarian, and she prefers to go without make-up when she’s off-duty.
“I don’t use make-up during the day, because my motto is ‘less is more.’ I already wear make-up every day for work, so if I don’t have to, I don’t do it and I let my skin breathe,” she added.