20. P. Diddy – $40 Million

if you Admire European architecture then you would love P.diddy’s home located in Westwood. This huge house has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and an awesome a wine cellar, 35 seat theater to enjoy movies and football with friends and a stunning underwater tunnel that leads out to a peaceful lagoon-style pool. There is also a spa which has a massage room, steam room, and a beauty salon.

19. Mel Gibson – $29.75 Million

Mel Gibson’s house is heaven for all the beach lovers. it is located in One of the most beautiful beachfront of Costa Rica “Playa Barrigona”. The property is situated on an enormous 500 acres. It Includes 2 miles of private beachfront, hundreds of acres of lush tropical jungle, and 3 beautiful houses. The main house has 7 luxurious bedrooms and 8 bathrooms and also features a beautiful open-air courtyard and dining area for parties.

18. Gwen Stefani – $35 million

At the first glance, You might get a feeling that this is a military base. This 12,000 sq. ft. house located in Beverly Hills is surrounded by a massive gate and looks more like a highly secures mansion. Despite the high level of security, it still has lots of fun things to do. The outdoor features are where this mansion really shines. An outdoor kitchen, lighted tennis court, and chicken coop make it the perfect place to spend beautiful summer evenings with friends.

17. Lori Loughlin $35 Million

Do you remember Becky from Full House? Well, now she lives in a $35 million dollar mansion with her designer husband Mossimo Giannulli. Fortunately for this power couple, they bought the house for a mere $13.995 million in 2015. However, after some renovations and thanks to the Los Angeles housing market this 6 bedroom and 9 bathroom house has more than doubled in value. This luxurious home has Huge glass doors, an exquisite bar, and even its own spa when you feel tired as hell!

16. Celine Dion – $38.5 Million

This awesome house has its own resort style waterpark in the backyard complete with a lazy river and waterslides. Celine Dion’s Jupiter is spread across 10,000 sq. ft in FL estate. In addition, This house has automated shoe carousels and clothes racks to make all the women dream of it. If all that wasn’t enough the house also features a tennis court, simulated golf range, and an infinity pool.

15. Jennifer Lopez – $28 Million

The Bel Air mansion was originally priced at $40 million dollars, but J-Lo was able to get it for $28 million dollars. isn’t that the best bargain? This 14,000 sq. ft. the house has a beautiful 7 bedrooms 13 bathrooms which were designed in 1940 by architect Samuel Marx and has a whopping 10 wooden fireplaces, a home theater, and a mini-golf course.

14. Dr. Dre – $40 Million

Originally it was designed for another famous couple: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, they ended up selling this 14,000 sq. ft. mansion to Dr. Dre before they could ever move in. This 5 bedroom home offers an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean and also includes a moat. One can never be too safe! Other highlights of the property include an amazing chef’s kitchen and a poolside cabana that includes a sitting area with a tv.

13. Will & Jada Pinkett Smith – $42 Million

You’d never believe it but this house was built entirely by hand. Real estate can be quite expensive in Malibu. However, this is not an obstacle for the Smith’s as they own an incredible 150 acres on which their 25,000 square feet house sits. Not surprisingly, the home contains a recording studio, meditation room, and a full-sized basketball court.

12. Ellen DeGeneres – $45 Million

If you like serene views of mountains and ocean, Ellen’s Santa Barbara estate will do just the trick as it has incredible views of both. “The Villa” was built in 1930 and has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and has a huge living room that is 850 sq. ft. This 17 acre property has a 10,000 sq. ft. home is affectionately known as “The Villa”. Some of the most unique features of the home include an outdoor pizza oven, a garden with fountains, and 18th century Italian tile floors.

11. Demi Moore – $45 Million

Real estate can be quite expensive in Manhattan, Well how about a penthouse that is 7,000 sq. ft.! This stunning penthouse with views of Manhattan has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Be warned though, the HOA fees alone will set you back a cool $19,322 a month. This penthouse is one beautiful place to wine and dines during the summer months as there is a 1,500 sq. ft. also a stone terrace that wraps around nearly the entire penthouse.

10. Sting – $50 Million

Sting also happens to own a 5500 sq. ft in Manhattan. Sting’s 43 feet of Central Park frontage and floor to ceiling glass windows give his house the slight edge over Demi’s. The apartment also features double spiral staircases, a sauna in the master bedroom, and spa bathrooms. The building also provides some pretty killer amenities including a private restaurant, skylit pool, and fitness center.

9. Cindy Crawford – $50 Million

If you’re looking to buy a $50 million dollar Malibu compound. Well, if so then Cindy Crawford has just the place for you. Located on 3 acres this 5,500 sq. ft. 4 bedroom 5 bathroom home with a view of Pacific Ocean. This Stunning Hacienda style home was constructed in 1944 but has recently been renovated by Crawford. Some highlights of the home include a tennis court, a wraparound deck and a private path that leads right to the beach.

8. Howard Stern – $52 Million

An 18,673 sq. ft. mansion on Palm Beach oceanfront pool with the view of Atlantic ocean. Since buying the 12 bedroom home in 2013, Howard Stern has made numerous renovations on the house. One of these includes building a 1,000 sq. ft. closet for his wife. I wonder how many pairs of shoes she has! She must be pretty happy about it.

7. Tiger Woods – $54.5 Million

For an elite athlete like Tiger Woods, his home is also a paradise for all those who love sports. Located on Jupiter Island in Florida, this 10,000 sq. ft. home is located right on the ocean and includes four putting greens, bunkers of different depths, a basketball court, a tennis court, and multiple swimming pools. For that lazy friend who is always lazy to take the stairs, the home includes an elevator with a see-through glass door which allows its riders to see the ocean. The inside of the house also includes a game room, wine cellar, and theater.

6. Tom Cruise – $59 Million

Tom Cruise owns a 10,000 sq. ft. house situated on nearly 300 acres of Colorado greenery Located on the outskirts of Telluride, CO. The living rooms have huge glass windows that allow for great views of the Colorado mountains. The home’s interior includes a library and a recreational room. Outdoors is where this property really shines. There is a private motocross track, private trails for hikes, and lighted courts for tennis and basketball.

5. Jay Z & Beyonce – $88 Million

Beyonce and Jay Z managed to save $47 million off of the asking price of $135 million and got this home for $88 million dollars. However, in this case, This 2 acre Bel Air compound is absolutely fit for Queen Bey and her King. The property has 6 separate structures including the main house that is 30,000 sq. ft. with 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The other buildings on the premises include an building for only entertainment and a 15 car garage. Some other fun features of the house include bulletproof windows for that extra security, a helipad and an in-house spa.

4. Oprah Winfrey – $88 Million

Oprah’s 42 acre Montecito estate costs $88 million dollars and has 6 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, a wine cellar, an indoor and outdoor theater and a gourmet kitchen. Those who love to fish will also love this home, as Oprah has a lake which is man-made and stocked with fish. Finally, no need to bring the Guac when you come for a house party. Because Oprah has a 2 acre avocado grove where you can pick your own!

3. George Lucas – ~$100 Million

Lucas bought the now famous Skywalker Ranch in 1974 and it has been rumored that he has spent close to $100 million on renovations. Even though Lucas has owned the property for nearly 45 years, there is still a mystique around the home. Anyone who visits the home must be invited and pictures are absolutely forbidden. In fact, it is rumored that Ronald Reagan attempted to visit the property during his presidency and was turned down. It’s George Lucas after all so his home includes a 300 seat theater, a two story library and its very own fire station.

2. George Clooney – $100 Million

We’re going international for the second spot on this list, as Clooney’s magnificent Villa Oleandra is located in Lagio, Italy. Although this house was constructed in the 18th century, it has all the modern amenities one would expect which makes this home the perfect intersection of old charm and new technology. Located on the banks of Lake Como, the home has beautifully carved ceilings and floors in addition to a full gym, a spa and even a pizza room. Clooney loves his motercycles and he has a full garage dedicated to just his motorcycles.

1. Bill Gates – $125 Million

Bill Gates tops our list. As the richest person in the world for a number of years, it makes sense that he would have a home worthy of that title. Named Xanadu 2.0, this lakefront property boasts eye-popping stats including 24 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, men/women locker rooms and a total of 66,000 sq. ft. As the former CEO of Microsoft, you’d expect the home to have some technological innovations. These include microchips that are given to each guest in order to track their location and pressure snsitive floors which alert security to everyone’s location.