Your eyes shine bright when you think of seeing the Niagara Falls once in your life or dream of clicking pictures of the Statue of Liberty. But have you ever wondered about the more strange places that exist in America even today? Despite several reasons, these places’ mysteries still remain unfolded, and few of them are even modern tourist destinations today.
Here is a list of some of the weirdest places in America that not even most Americans are aware of. If you ever get a chance to visit the United States of America, do mark these places for a one-time visit.

1. St. Roch Chapel


How many times have you seen a shrine that is built on a graveyard? You might believe it to be fabricated news, but it is the truth of this place. Almost two centuries back in 1867, when the yellow fever epidemic prevailed over the entire Faubourg Franklin area, the Priest Leonard Thevis of the Holy Trinity Church made a promise to St. Roch, saying that if no one in the region died from the disease, he would build a chapel in his name.
As destiny would have it, no one in the entire neighborhood died of the disease, and as part of the deal, a chapel was built in the Saint’s name. Situated in North Orleans, Louisiana. It consists of a Shrine which is spread in the two-room building. One of the rooms contains the replicas of body parts as an expression of gratitude towards St. Roch’s healing, whereas the other room consists of the statue of Saint Roch.

2. Horsetail Waterfall

You might have seen many waterfalls in your life, but have you seen a firefall? Located inside the boundaries of the Yosemite National Park in California, this wonder of nature offers such scenic beauty that you would not believe your eyes.
It is not just an ordinary waterfall. The illumination effect of sunlight over the watery flow gives it the appearance of hot, molten lava. The beginning of the spring season is considered to be the best time for visiting this place. The reason behind its flaming glow is the amalgamation of sunlight’s intensity, angle and temperature.

3. Centralia, Pennsylvania

nce a lively city, Centralia is now known as a smouldering ghost town. Its devastation started back in 1962, when a coal mine fire broke out beneath the surface of the town. Apparently, the city became a tormenting place due to the release of toxic smoke and gas through sinkholes. Since then, many people moved out from that place. The demographic analysis of the place reveals that less than a dozen people still live in the town as compared to the one thousand people living in the year 1981.
Many experts have predicted that the city may continue to burn for another 250 years.

4. Just Enough Room Island

MDo you you feel disgusted by the stressful environment of your professional life. When you come back to your home, all you need is a little peace. What if you we told you about an island that holds just a single one room house? This dream-house is located on the Saint Lawrence River and constitutes in the formation of the Thousand Islands archipelago. ‘Just Enough Room Island’ was built by the Sizeland family with the thought of living away from the stressful life of the city. Contrary to the thought engaged behind its making, this site is now visited by travellers who come all the way on a boat. Isn’t this just the place to switch to for all the peace you need?

5. Jules UnderseaLodge

You might have visited many sea-side hotels, but have you ever been to one under the sea? Don’t worry. Your life wouldn’t be at risk when you pay a visit to the Jules Undersea Lodge. Once a marine research lab, many wonder how it turned into an underwater hotel. But regardless of its history, it still steals the attention of many tourists. Situated in Key Largo, Florida, it has a room that is around thirty feet deep, stuck on the ocean floor. Since 1986, the hotel’s working has been well organized and the staff does not leave any stone unturned in flattering the customers.
Do you think the creators of the research lab could have ever thought that one day it would becomes such a famous lodge?

6. U.S. Route 50

For getting away from the hustle and bustle of the busy life, all you wish for is to go out for a long drive. But are you willing to go on a drive which lasts more than four hours, especially on a road where there is next to no human life for hours at ends, and all you have got to see is the scenery of how an outer part of town looks?
Spread over 3000 miles, the road connects Ocean City, Maryland and West Sacramento, California. Despite the road passing through hundreds of small towns, you will not find any motels. The U.S. Route 50 was built by Captain William Bicknell, who laid out the route to Santa Fe.

7. The Eccentric House in New Hamburg

You might have seen several horror movies where houses remains abandoned for years and something unbelievable and/or abnormal occurs. But what if you found out that such a house exists in reality, not far from your neighbourhood? Even after more than a century, the mystery of ‘The Eccentric House’ remains unfolded. People living around this house claim it to be haunted.
No one alive has ever seen the owners of this house. It is said that they had died when the house caught on fire in 1877. When the news about dolls sitting on the porch broke out, this house became a famously suspicious site owing to ghosts.
Located at New Hamburg in New York, this house remains in the talks of people for all creepy reasons.

8. Beagle’s Belly

If you are a passionate dog lover, then you would surely relate Orhan Pamuk’s quote that says, “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen”. But could you have ever thought that one of the dog lovers of the world would end up building a hotel in the shape of a dog? While journeying through the rural area of Idaho, your eyes could get lit up at Beagle’s Belly. Built by an American family, this inn consist of all the facilities that any other inn could give. It is the perfect resting place for exhausted travellers, with a strong liking to canines.

9. The King’s Tavern, Natchez, Mississippi

Remember how in the famous horror movie ‘The Grudge’, the soul of a dead person hangs around even after their death? To many of us, it might sound like a fabricated story, but what if these ghostly things exist even today.
‘The King’s Tavern’, one of the oldest buildings at Natchez, in Mississippi, is known as a haunted place, where the spirit of a young girl named Madeline still wanders. The history of this place tells an incident of a young girl called Madeline, who fell for the owner of the house, Richard King. When Richard’s wife got to know the truth, she couldn’t bare Madeline and eventually killed her.
SLocals have experienced abnormal things happening inside the tavern, like shutting of doors and loud screams, and all sorts of activities of a strange manner.

10. Wabasha Street Caves

Would you like to name any cave in the world where people dance to the tunes of disco music? Well, in Minnesota, there is one such natural cave that was once dominated by the native tribes in the middle of the eighteenth century. During those times, natural silica of a high quality was mined from the cave for manufacturing glass. Known as the ‘Wabasha Street Caves’, these were formed naturally beneath a large plateau that stands in opposite the central St. Paul area. At present, it is recognised as an event hall. The caves have been home to mobsters, speakeasies, and in more recent years have begun hosting a “Swing Night” on Thursday nights with live big-band music.
So after reading this, would you feel astonished enough to know about such weird places still existing, all inside one country? Does this enhance your curiosity for creepy things?