Hacks For Static Hair – As soon as winters arrive a lot of women change their self-care regime. Of-course it’s important to take care of yourself and switch up your skin care game in the winters, but what most forget is the fact that their hair also needs excessive care during winters.

My hair feels static and flat during winters and I cannot even style it! Each time winter arrives I feel like I am dealing with new beauty troubles, starting from dry skin, chapped lips and flat hair, name it all!

Each of these problems can be frustrating, especially the hair. I mean, traveling to work with flat hair every day is disappointing. But it’s not as bad as it sounds, you can always find time to fix a quick morning hair care regime before you go to work. To fix over-all winter hair, I have some advice – Swipe to next page to see it.




Hacks For Static Hair


Use leave in products on the go, make it a quick session and use the important required hair products at home. The harsh weather can fix or break your entire look!

I reckon carrying a quick leave in conditioner or hair oil-  run it through your hair. The moisture will remove all possibilities of causing static to your hair and oil from the leave in products makes it easy to fix your hair.




Hacks For Static Hair



I think you guys already know this, but do not shampoo your hair every day. The more you shampoo, the more chances of moisture getting stripped off from your hair.

Instead of washing it every other day, shampoo it twice a week – use dry shampoo when don’t have to wash it. If you are someone who has an oily hair texture, I am sure you are dealing with static anyway, especially during winters.




Hacks For Static Hair


This is like how you would take care of dry skin in winters; the moisturizer should be strong and something that doesn’t dry your skin.  Similarly picking a hair product that contains a high amount of a moisture will allow your hair to keep hydrated.

By picking the right hair care products you are ensuring your scalp maintains a natural balance of moisture and oil.


You must know what kind of products you are using, whether it is your hair, skin, face, it always good to read the label and understand the product.

Same goes for hair products, avoid alcohol that is often found in hair styling products. It tends to remove the moisture from your hair.


TIE YOUR HAIR – Hacks For Static Hair


Hacks For Static Hair


If your hair is long or medium sized tie it up in a high pony tail and make sure you don’t leave it open always. Don’t have to rock the slicked back look through out your day, but it works fantastic if you want natural waves to your hair.

Undo the braid or pony when you reach your destination and your hair will be wavy without any chemicals or heating appliances.