Truth be told guys; my dandruff is terrible, and I am super embarrassed about it. I wish people would have told me to chill earlier, but this dandruff would just not leave my scalp.  Believe me I’ve tried different shampoos and even conditioners, but no impact whatsoever. I’ve also tried exfoliation and nothing yet, my scalp would just become flakier and it wasn’t a healthy picture at all!

Anywho I did discover that exfoliating and cleaning the scalp helps, and you can do this by applying a scalp mask. I was used to applying a hair mask anyway, why not use a scalp mask.

To be honest my relationship with my hair has always been complicated, because I have thick and curly hair, I know women who have the same hair type will relate to the struggles I am writing about.

I’ve been wanting to fix this problem for a long time and the mask seems to work better than anything else I have tried before. Some people are just gifted with clean hair, and if you are reading this you should count your blessings.

Let’s look at how the scalp mask is beneficial to us.

According to dermatologists and studies, Dandruff masks can be a good way to exfoliate the scalp and applying a mask to the scalp does help over all dandruff issue.


Scalp Masks For Dandruff



You can use dandruff masks twice a week and remember that over-exfoliation can also cause more dandruff on your scalp. The mask you have to try is Philip Kingsley exfoliation scalp mask, it contains betaine salicylate – an ingredient that helps with the exfoliation process.

Apply it your hair after a regular wash, massage and leave it in. Do not apply after getting in the shower, apply when you have washed your hair in sections. I must say the process went smoothly and it has been working to fix my scalp situation.

My scalp felt so much better after using this mask and not so greasy as well!

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Dandruff Control Hair Masque


Scalp Masks For Dandruff


One of the other masks I tried is the Shea Moisture mask – I like the product, it’s so much fun to scoop the cream out than squeeze from a tube. The ingredients in this mask include, tea tree oil, African black soap and willow bark extract and it smells amazing!!!!

I applied the mask for about 10 minutes before washing it off, my hair smelt good and it was not as greasy as I expected.


Scalp Masks For Dandruff


Kiehl’s Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment – Scalp Masks For Dandruff


The final mask I tried had a lighter scent and I found this enjoyable. Used this mask after a regular wash of my hair. This mask made from apricot seed and Argan shell fragments made me feel like I was doing a deep cleanse. I took good care of my hair while the application process.

So I think my verdict on these three masks is I love the 2nd option Shea Moisture best.