Adoption Stories – We all love our pets and they obviously give us unconditional love. It is even said that a dog’s love is very close to a man. In fact dogs are known to be man’s best companion. In this piece I am sharing with you some of the cutest adoption stories you have ever read, hopefully this will encourage you to adopt a pet.

Read more on their stories about being adopted by super cute families.  There are so many wonderful stories on adoption – the look on these animal’s faces are totally worth it. Check some of the cutest adoption stories.



How can one not love this adorable face?


Adoption Stories


In this photograph you can see Benny, who has spent most amount of time in his life at the Carsan Animal Care center, a shelter located in Gardena California. Benny is taken by surprise, he had no idea what the future holds for him. His long wait for being adopted was finally going to end.


All Set To Go Home

In the next photograph you see Benny all excited about being adopted by a beautiful family. Like he could barely control his emotions, look at him jump with boy, isn’t this boy the cutest?


Adoption Stories


He was completely happy as opposed to his original behavior at the Carsan Animal Care center. He has said to have lead a lonely life in the cage and he couldn’t do much, I’m not surprised at how happy he is. What a cutie!

Guys if you look at it, Benny’s story has a positive ending, unfortunately there are millions of shelter dogs who go through the same emotion living in animal shelters. The number is beyond measure, if you think you are inspired by Benny’s adorable yet heart-warming story, pick up your phone and dial the local animal shelter next to your home.


CHIP – Adoption Stories


Adoption Stories


Story no 2 is about Chip, this adorable little fellow has a great amount of patience and endurance. He waited for 15 whole years before he was finally adopted. That’s a long wait in dog years, you guys. Chip arrived at the shelter when he was only 7 weeks old and all he craved for was a loving and caring family.

But he obviously had no idea it took him 15 years.


Hey, there!


Adoption Stories



This little baby spend most of his life at a shelter called – Save a pet shelter which is located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. However, chip was finally adopted and he now has a home of his own.

A member from the shelter mentioned serious concern about Chip, because he has never had a bed to sleep on or a human to cuddle with. Thankfully now Chip has a human who can devote all his time to him and take care of him like he deserves to be.


Happy Faml

Adoption Stories


Now I can sleep peacefully knowing Chip has a home, the shelter posted this beautiful photo of Chip enjoying in new home with his new dad, Jaco Rademeyer. Chip has also encountered medical issues over the past few years, he was comfortable at the shelter but I guess adoption was exactly what he needed!!


Social Media Goals!


Adoption Stories


Guys say HELLO to Chester the cutest 6-year-old Pit Bull mix. He has been living at the North Fork Animal Welfare League situated on Long Island. So apparently Chester has been quite active on social media and this post got him a lot of attention. I mean just look at his photograph. He was finally adopted by a family based in New York City.


Family Photograph!


Adoption Stories


This adorable little baby was obviously leading a mundane life in New York state shelters since 2010. Although things seemed like they were not going to change, his picture posted online changed his life. On being adopted Chester’s family adopted this cute picture with him, I am sure this is melting your heart as we speak!




Adoption Stories


Next up is Charlie, he has spent almost two years in a shelter located in Virginia. Charlie now has a permanent home and the home owners are so excited to have him over, in fact they are already in LOVE WITH THIS ADORABLE BABY!


Farewell Kisses!


Adoption Stories


Charlie is not just loved by his pet owners, Hamilton one of the employees who take care of Charlie at the Spotsylvania animal shelter became emotional after discovering that his baby is finally going to have his own home.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading these adoption stories and I really hope it inspires you to adopt and not shop.