Most Impressive Wedding Dresses – It’s wedding season all over again, and we can feel all the feels on social media. As you already know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was one of the most high-profile weddings of the decade!

It was LIVE on all platforms of social media and I am sure if you didn’t watch the whole thing, you got a glimpse of how gorgeous the duo looked together.

The GIVENCHY white ensemble creation for Meghan was beyond comparison, people reflected at Princess Diana’s outfit and her current sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s as well. We bring you the list of most impressive wedding dresses of all time, swipe next to see the list!


Queen Elizabeth


Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


Let’s just say with the royals, it gets better every year. In this piece I am aiming to look at the most impressive wedding dresses of all time.

Starting with the Queen Herself, sources add that she approved the design of her wedding dress only three months before she got married. Plus, this was back in the day, I am sure they had other detailing to plan!

The dress was designed with silk satin, white seed pears and silver threat – this magnificent piece was created by Couturier in Britain named Norman Hartnell.


Angelina Jolie


Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


Obviously, we are still pondering over the fact that Brad and Angelina separated. All we have left of their marriage is some great memories and we cannot forget the most wedding incredible dress designed by her friend Atelier Versace.

It was a fitted bodice and a plain waist flowing skirt and the best part of the veil and skirt were covered in doodles made by her children. Isn’t that adorable?


Kim Kardashian


Most Impressive Wedding Dresses



If we know one person that can break the internet, it’s Kim Kardashian. Her wedding to rapper Kanye West was a low-key private ceremony and her famous friends OBVIOUSLY made it. The couple tied the knot in Florence, Italy.

Kim wore a couture GIVENCHY gown, with lace sleeves and a long veil. She wore a more comfortable mini dress for the reception.


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi



Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


We all know who Ellen De Generes is, while Ellen was being Ellen at her wedding – her better half Portia De Rosse looked like a fricking goddess in her backless couture ensemble.

I mean, we shouldn’t even question why they got married. Two beautiful women who are so in love and deserve each other. Portia wore a backless halter style, ballgown blush skirt.

Apart from being gorgeous the couple made a strong statement of being the first gay couple to marry in the state of California. Now we can agree on the fact that the future is female you guys, don’t fight it.




Salma Hayek – Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


Salma Hayek looked beautiful when she walked down the aisle.

She married millionaire friend, CEO Francois-Henri Pinault. The gorgeous couple got married at the Venice Opera House – the bride walked down the aisle in a Balenciaga wedding gown, especially created for Nicolas Chesquire – her hair swept back into a bun and a long veil.


Serena Williams


Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


I couldn’t take my eyes off Serena Williams when she debut as a bride. Not only am I big fan of her game, but I love her personal sense of style.

According to sources she spent more than 3 million dollars on her special day and a stunning dress by Alexander McQueen. She earlier said in the interview that this beautiful piece of creation was the opposite of what she would have generally picked.




Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


Remember Rockstar David Bowie, the man who changed music for the world? Yes, him.

Bowie couldn’t help himself but falling for the beautiful model Iman and honestly we don’t blame him. They wed in 1992, Iman donned a Herve leather gown, LEATHER GUYS, LEATHER!

This beautiful piece accentuated her figure like no other dress and they represented the iconic power couple that they are.

Ivanka Trump



Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


Sometimes you gotta ignore all the political turmoil taken place in your country and say, ‘’what’s in a name?”

The Trump’ got married to Jared Kushner and converted to Judaism. So, keeping in mind the religious obligation she opted for a more covered up style. Vera Wang designed this beautiful piece.  We think they made an absolutely gorgeous duo!


Cindy Crawford


Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


Cindy Crawford, guys the name says it all!!!  She is an iconic inspirational figure and she has proven from time to time, simplicity is the best. Especially if you are one of the top models of all time.

She wore a John Galliano slip dress at her beach wedding. By the look of it, I am sure they had the most incredible experience.



Alicia Keys


Most Impressive Wedding Dresses


Alicia Keys is beautiful and we’ve seen her portray her beauty through her music, voice and work.

However, she is also one of a kind. At her wedding she donned a Greek goddess attire in a one shoulder ivory silk by Vera Vang. Sexy but subtle.


Amal Clooney


Impressive Wedding Dresses


Amal Clooney and George Clooney got married, they gave us some serious couple goals back in 2014.

She wore her Oscar de la renta gown leaving her audience speechless. Her wedding was the stuff dreams are made of. Floral, slim, fitting and she looked a vision.