The youngest sister from the KarJenner Clan recently had a baby and here’s why she is body positive.

It’s no secret that social media is obsessed with celebrities, especially if it’s celebrities who have had babies. Because it’s important for the world to know how the celebrities are doing post-baby, and social media has some unrealistic standards set for them.

To be brutally honest, baby weight is nothing to be ashamed of. Not sure what all the celebrities are worried about, Kylie, however, has adopted such a body positive approach to post-baby weight. She is embracing her body like no other celeb has in the recent past, and she is enjoying being a mother.

On their reality show Keeping Up, Kylie has gone to speak about getting back to her workout regime, to be healthy not specifically to lose any weight.

I think that’s bold and she is nailing being a mother! We are so proud of her.

Here is the cutest little photo of them, Kylie and Stormi.


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