– EN Showbiz – Jim Carrey hopes his new TV show Kidding reminds people that U.S. President Donald Trump can’t diminish people’s “innocence”.
The comedian made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night (06Sep18) where he spoke about Kidding, a comedy-drama in which he plays Jeff Piccirillo, a beloved children’s TV presenter who faces great difficulty following the death of one of his sons.
Regarding the premise of the Showtime programme, Jim explained that he wants to convey a basic emotion, like on iconic kids’ show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, especially in light of Trump’s controversial and often divisive political policies.
“The show is about a beautiful human being with a huge heart that everyone’s trying to protect. And lightning hits his life. And everyone’s afraid he’s going to (fall apart),” he said. “Mr Rogers would come out on a show like this and he would be so absolutely authentic that you can’t find the irony. We’re really reminding people that we’re all innocent. We have it. We haven’t lost it. Trump can’t take it away from us. It will always be there.”
Kidding marks the second collaboration between Jim and director Michel Gondry, with the pair previously working together on the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Accordingly, the star explained that he is amazed by Michel’s creativity and inventive visual style.
“He’s a mad scientist, he’s a true artist. He looks at something and says, ‘What if it’s upside down?'” the 56-year-old commented, adding jokingly: “Plus, we’re lovers.”
During the interview, Jim also spoke about his latest artwork, which includes cartoon images of President Trump as a piece of toast and former FBI director Robert Mueller “putting the squeeze” on the leader.
And he explained that he was a keen caricaturist as a child and would doodle all day at school.
“I was at the back of the classroom drawing pictures of (my teacher) getting attacked and missiled … I hadn’t learned how to be correct yet,” he sighed, adding that his teacher actually kept the drawings and sent them to him when he became a Hollywood star.