– EN Showbiz – Jennifer Garner is adamant Ben Affleck will be a part of their family’s upcoming Halloween celebrations. 
The former couple has experienced a turbulent few weeks, as not only did they reportedly finalise their divorce on Friday (05Oct18), but the Argo actor also completed a stint in rehab the day before.
However, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired on Monday in the U.S., Jennifer shared that Halloween would be a family affair, with their daughters Violet, 12, Seraphina, nine, and son Samuel, six, planning to create costumes that resembled their parents.
“(The children are making) ghosts with fabric over them and then you decorate the ghosts to be like members of the family,” she said. “My son will have big blue eyes, and then they’ll make their dad with a lot of scruff. Then they’ll make me with long hair and glasses and probably a bun on my head.”
Jennifer went on to comment that she failed to convince her children to all dress up as carrots this year, but did admit that they “give good candy bars” to trick-or-treaters who call at their home.
During the chat, the Peppermint actress also spoke about her beloved chickens and explained that one bird named Captain Hook has the rule of the roost and intimidates the new chicks.
“Martha Stewart told me… I just name dropped Martha Stewart! – but she did, she told me herself to keep them separated for as long as possible, so I did,” the 46-year-old recalled. “I finally said to Captain Hook, ‘Look here, girl, you have got to shape up or it’s going to be solitary isolation. And they’re all going to be having the run of the coop and watching you in here.'”
While Captain Hook continues to dominate, Jennifer noted that she is still planning to add two new chicks to the coop, “Ellen DeHeneres” and “Oprah Henfrey” – named after Ellen and fellow TV host Oprah Winfrey.
Jennifer and Ben first announced plans to divorce in June 2015 after 10 years of marriage but only began the legal process to make the break-up official in April 2017, when they filed simultaneous divorce petitions. Specific details about the divorce deal, including custody agreements, have not been reported.