Here’s a list of incredibly shocking timed sports photos of all time!

Hold It!

Watching sports/Athletes on television is a great way to catch up with what’s happening in the world and it is a certified national pass time! Apart from the thrill it gives a sports fan, it is incredibly fun at times to watch sports and these moments are iconic.

Whether it is the athletes that are making faces or say wrong thing at the wrong time, paparazzi captures it all. Here is an athlete that is making a powerful face, she would have probably wondered what she was thinking looking at this photograph! Nevertheless it looks like she is holding her breath, scroll next to see more incredibly shocking sports photographs.

The Red Ball

Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

Rhythmic Gymnast chose this red ball as a prop for her routine.The act was performed with utmost grace of course, except this happened in the picture! She lands in a complicated elbow split with the red ball, which makes it kind of unforgettable to forget her face. The Gymnast’s face is caught as if she is going to devour the ball.

The Tumble Squad!

Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

Who doesn’t love watching a good cheer leading squad??? Cheer leading stunts require more practice and are way more complicated than they seem to the audience. Each squad has a set of cheer leaders that perform various roles together in order to perform the stunt without collapsing. Unfortunately, this particular stunt looks like it didn’t go too well! Check out the photograph above.

Look At Those Legs!

Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

This incredible photograph was taken as the athlete jumps and her feet are at a perfect horizontal position. When you look at it , it looks like she is crouching on a flat surface but she is actually mid air and it’s not photo-shopped! The athlete’s strength and ability called for this great shot. you can tell how powerful she is by looking at her leg and arm muscles.

Let’s Dance

Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

I am not entirely sure what’s going on this picture, but sure does look like the sports player is busting a move. She is obviously on the court to play tennis but at the same time, looks like she is dancing! Her hand-eye coordination looks a bit off and we really want to know if she won the match after!


Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

The picture was taking in the United States, Utah during a hurdle competition. A rare moment that is captured well, but the athlete is doing her thing! Hurdling require a lot of stamina and it is definitely a lot harder than we think! I mean, look at the picture, she looks so strong!

Let’s Pause

Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

This professional athlete seen in the photograph is famously known as a track racer. Out of the all the pictures they took of her, here’s a normal one where she is taking a quick pause. The photograph is taken when she squats to catch a breath! I mean she is clearly photogenic, not only does look fantastic, she looks fantastic even when exhausted!


Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

Recording Brandi Chastain in 1999, one of her happy moments after she won a goal in the world cup! As you can see she looks elated beyond compare, picture was taken at the right time! This was obviously one of the most genuine reactions we have so far!

This one is to be treasured, Brandi.

Tired, eh?

Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

Pole Vaulting is a brilliant sport to watch, if you get a chance you must watch it! The athlete’s who participate in this sport lift their whole body weight over a hurdle. The woman photographed is an expert in the field and she is taking a quick pause to yawn, I MEAN she makes it look like it’s no big deal.


Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

I mean if this isn’t the most gangster photo we have seen today, I don’t know what is. The baseball player was sliding into the home run, she knew she was going to skid and this was her expression! Like her face says, “Yes, I am so doing this.”


Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

This young tennis player is making a gesture at the opponent or maybe just catching a quick breath. Unfortunately she looks like she is going to lose it! This is the defeated face of pure frustration, possibly at explaining a concept over and over again to someone who just doesn’t get it.

Unreal Photograph!

Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

Famous gymnast from Venezuela, Katherine Coronel is known for her gymnastic routines which is termed eurythmics. From the looks of it she is a flexible gymnast and with the help of a great camera and incredible timing, this iconic picture was taken!

This Looks Intense!

Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!

Boxing is brutal and so is Lucian Bute who is hitting Glen Johnson with rigor on his face! As you can see, the two boxers are going in full power and are focused on their game, it takes strength from one to land the punch and from the other to take the painful punch! 

Tbh, looks like a painful knockout!


Incredibly Shocking Sports Photos Of All Time!
Meeting a shark down under may be a crazy idea, but look at this diver enjoying his dive in with the shark. He was deep sea diving and looks like he found a friend! Also the feeling looks very mutual. This is what the diver had to say about the photograph,“She is very laid-back so I knew if I held my hand out she would come over. She tapped my palm with her fin like we were high-five-ing.

Thank God Ledge, Yosemite

If you are scared of heights, this photo might scare you even more. Alex Honnold, the rock climber managed to complete on of the world’s largest climbs to Thank God ledge in Yosemite National Park. I am not really sure if it’s called Thank God because the view sure does not call for that vibe!