If you set out a specific goal, you would want to work it out – losing weight, staying attractive, living longer and bettering your health and mood. So, you need to find your drive and start working towards it.

It’s Not a Punishment

If you want to be consistent with your workouts, you need to adopt the right attitude. A lot of people join gyms or start routines, but then they drop off so soon because it became something they dread. Don’t say negative statements about your workouts to yourself. Rather than postponing and ultimately procrastinating, try to do what you need to do now. The more you look at keeping fit negatively, the less appealing it would become, making the task almost herculean.

Make it Approachable

Rather than having one goal in mind, like losing 50 pounds, keep multiple smaller goals in your wish list. Something more doable such as losing 3 to 4 pounds in30 days. When you reach these smaller checkpoints, it’ll be much easier to watch yourself make progress and accomplish your mission. People give up exercising because they find a gym not so convenient to go every time, especially for persons with busy schedules and hectic days, and those living in winter-harsh zones. So, instead of joining a fancy far away gym, you can find someplace else close to you, or you could just do all your exercises at home.
Exercising is supposed to be fun – believe it or not. If your routine is too serious, you would easily stay away from it, so you need to make it more interesting for yourself. Working out isn’t all about pumping weights, as there are hundreds of other fun exercises that you can do, so you need to find the one that you would love and look forward to doing again.

Fight Through Week One

A larger percentage of people give up on a new routine within the first week of their exercise. There is no gainsaying that you will feel sore at first, but the pain will wear off within two to three muscle workouts. As you are new to exercising, the excitement of being part of a gym will make you lift heavy weights, but your body and mind may break. The trick is to start off slow, one step at a time, not trying to conquer the whole gym on day one. Start off with light weights to get your body warmed up and learn its limits. Once you get the ball rolling, you will likely enjoy the pain.

Reward Your Gains

Keep yourself motivated by rewarding yourself for the excellent work. When you apply the reward-myself tactic into your workouts, you will be very eager to reach more and more goals and break your own records. For someone trying to get in shape, finding smaller clothes that fit much better is a tremendous feeling. So, why not take yourself shopping and splurge some bucks on yourself? I mean, you’ve earned it.

Eat Healthily

The best exercise is the one that goes along with a healthy diet. Many people stop going to the gym altogether because they don’t see the results. There is no way your body will start changing when you haven’t adopted healthier eating habits, sometimes. The truth is – when your exercise, your body requires you to consume more calories than you would in a sedentary lifestyle. You will even feel hungrier as you push your limits, so you need to eat more. Less fortunately, this doesn’t mean you should throw whatever you find into your stomach – unhealthy foods are a no. It is the best move to eat healthy, nutritional foods every time, as they will help you realize your results and keep you motivated.

Meet Yourself Halfway

Some days, your body won’t just be ready to workout. In such case, identify if it is because you are tired or it’s just you letting your mind get the better of you. Help yourself by going to the gym at least. Go back home if you aren’t feeling it. But you will likely want to work out because you’ve come this far, and wouldn’t want to go home without doing some pushups at least. Without a quality reason, there’s no staying home.

Declare Motives

According to Robert Cialdini in his piece titled Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, there are categories of persuasion – commitment and consistency are the two major. Under this rule, he says that people are likely to stay strong if they verbally commit to their goals. Even if they feel relenting at first, they will press on in order to preserve their self-image. Declare your plan to work out on your social media, let your friends know – the fear of failing in the eyes of others may just motivate you.

Surround Yourself with Success

Success stories are a great way to be motivated. Even though it is envy that will push you, it does make a big difference. People blog about how fat they’ve come and where they started from, posts you can read to get the spirit kindled and rekindled. Read about health issues, as they will put you in the right state of mind. Make friends with more experienced people at the gym, anything to surround yourself with motivating stuff.

Get a Buddy

If you want to ensure that you stay on track, why not get a buddy with the same goals as you? It will be more fun just as much as it helps you stay motivated. You guys can give each other encouragement, advice and counsel regarding the workout things. Find someone who won’t influence you in a negative way, though, because there’s no need working out with someone who isn’t serious or passionate about physical fitness.