If you are someone who enjoys people watching, then airport is the best place for you! You can watch people from different walks of life, walking in and out of the airport as if it were just one big comical scene! The pictures listed below show how hilarious people watching at the airport can be, check it out!

Checking In?

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

The lady seen in the picture tried to check herself on a plane to Germany, I mean she was thinking clearly I suppose! Definitely out of the box or may I add, inside the box? I wonder what happened next and if she actually paid any more for her ticket!

How long do you think she stayed like this? If you do find out, let me know!

Heather Graham

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

Hello Miss, what is in your boots? Heather Graham also goes through security check, you guys! She doesn’t look very happy about this little situation! She is wearing shades, maybe to mask her identity from the paparazzi.

Do you think she took off her boots for the metal detector?

Interesting Sleeping Position

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

It’s basically simple, you can sleep anywhere you like and airports are the perfect place to be! Evidently this stranger is making great use of her time and the chair at the airport, we’ll definitely look into this sleeping position next time!

We are just hoping she wakes up normal enough to board her next flight! NOT very sure if this position is entirely comfortable, if you guys happen to try it out do let me know! 🙂

Jetblue Sleep Pods!

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

Now this seems like a nice idea, the JetBlue sleep pods is allowing travelers to take a nap without being affected by the loud noises in the surrounding. The super cool sleep pods are cozy, just hope you wake up in time for your flight!

Kids Love Travel, don’t they?

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

This is a crazy hack when your toddler is throwing a fit or is too sleepy before getting on board!
Kids are hilarious and they pick the worst situations to be hilarious! To think of it, even I wouldn’t mind being wheeled around like that! ha

Kim Kardashian West

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

Even celebrities go through security check you guys! Yes, let that sink in, here we can see Kim Kardashian West go through airport security like a regular human being! Kim obviously has nailed her airport style and these long iconic leather boots look incredible. HOWEVER, not the best pair of shoes to travel in, it may take you minute to take those off Kim!


Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

I am sure you have heard the story of a man who checked in his 12-ounce beer because airport security didn’t let him take it on the plane! Like that is some serious dedication to beer, getting it checked in cost $30 USD.

We are just hoping it was worth the effort, there are some of our favorite items we can’t live without like a stuffed toy or candy, but this guy must really LOVE his beer!


Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

I wonder how many of us are daring enough to sport such outfits, especially at the airport! I, for one can’t imagine wearing either one of these outfits. Maybe they were returning from the Bachelorette/bachelor trip!

The woman has gone all out, with her matching socks and hello kitty backpack – it’s her personal style though!

Britney Spears // Paris Hilton

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

The airport agents weren’t letting bombshell Britney Spears to go through without doing a complete search! Paris, on the other hand, looks very confident even when she is not wearing heels, tip toeing while getting scanned.

Only celebrities can do that, guys!


Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

Celebrities are no different when it comes to TSA security check. Here we can Rihanna looking a tad bit grumpy, she doesn’t seem impressed at all. The star looks like she’s trying to cover her side boob, maybe she forgot to put her bra on. Or did she?

Face First!

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

Best airport hack I’ve seen so far, face first. When flying long distance the exhaustion can be real and you have to be quick to find a solution! So this is what the young lady did, used her belongings as a pillow! Not sure how comfortable her neck, but she seems okay!


Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

Let’s take a minute to appreciate these two kids, one is reading his book whilst holding up his pal. Like I wonder what they were on? and how long do you think these kids stayed that way?

Let’s give it a few seconds, we are most definitely impressed by the show they put on!

Carousel Surfing

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

As you can see this passenger is surfing on the baggage carousel, boy is she having a great time or what? How many of ya’ll would do it? I would definitely try it!

If she fell, it would be plain awkward. We don’t suggest you try this at the airport, kids!

Trust No one

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

This picture is a classic example of the custom dogs don’t even trust each other! What is this lil guy upto? Basically they are just puppies and if we saw them in the airport, they mean serious business! Just look at them, game face on, growling and sniffing away.

Very Very Clever!

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

This traveler found a way of taking a break and napping on the chairs, it seemed like a comfortable place for her to sleep! Impressive, all she needs is a blanked and perhaps some snacks too. One honest question though, how did she get in?

What’s cooking, Santa?

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

Santa is being pulled over by TSA in this very ironic yet hilarious photograph! Looks like Santa has been naughty this year, and it is almost the most wonderful time of the year. Hope he makes it back in time! We bet the TSA enjoyed this little session.


Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

It is always great to get exercise while you are at the airport, for example when you have time waiting for your flight! Just like this young woman here, who doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Just stretch those calves and hamstrings out. You might as well tutor a yoga class while you’re at it!

Bears For The Win!

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

This particular shot was taken in Alaska, and we wonder how this polar bear got to the runway in the first place! Casually strolling around like it’s no big deal! However, I admit it would be pretty cool to see this when you’re about to board a flight! Home of the brave and land of the free, this bear can do as he pleases.

Look At The Tactics!

Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

Exhaustion gets better of you, especially at the airport! You have think better to rest it out, and this guy looks like he has improvised his napping plans. We are only worried if he moves, then he may fall and it would be the biggest airport FAILS ever.


Hilarious Airport Sightings You Can't Miss!

When you are bored out of your wits, you can come up with a number of scenarios. This guy looks like he is having the time of his life, while zooming past the carousel. We wonder if he fell right after the picture was taken!

Please don’t try this trick at home, however, fun it may seem.