Mother bear and baby cubs – When you take a minute to look at the world, sync in with nature, you being to appreciate the beautiful place we live in. Mother nature teaches us lessons no desk job can!

There are so many places to see and perspectives to live, from the Great wall of China to the Barrier Reef, I want to see it all. But let’s not forget the wonderful animals that inhabit them. Unlike our domesticated pets, there is something so visually charming and different about animals who are in the wild. They all have a story to tell!

In this piece, I am looking at a mother bear who has gone survival of the fittest on her cubs, before fishermen make a last attempt to save them.

This story will break your hearts, and in a good way. Swipe next to see it.



Holding On To Dear Life 


Mother and baby bear cubs


Mother and baby bear cubs

Mother bear and her two cubs are in trouble due to the adverse freezing Russian climate. Having said that they were set out to swim across a lake, but it was quite the task.

The mother, who has had experiences with natural calamities turned out to be a better swimmer than her two little baby cubs. What she did after was unbelievable, and against all motherly instincts.

This story is heart warming and aims at all your vulnerable feelings, the underlying theme is love, and relationships that exist in our lives. Example there is no closer bond between a mother and her child. The mother bear was willing to sacrifice her own babies, a third person who saved them was the HERO.


Location The Incident Took Place In


Mother and baby bear cubs

This incident took place in the Northwester part of Russia, freshwater lake called Lake Vygozero. Its Russia and with the temperature at the lake going down to as low as -20 Celsius, it is impossible for human beings to spend time around the lake. At least during winters, not only is it unsafe for humans but it also for wild animals such as bears, look at this heart-breaking photos you guys!!

Without any delay the mother bear jumped in with her cubs, trying to save her children by holding on to them. But this was nature’s cruel way of testing the bears.



Lake Vygozero


Mother and baby bear cubs


As they started their trip across the lake, the little cubs started to slop and drown. The mother soon realized her babies were not going to make it, she had no choice but to let go and swim herself.

Many wildlife lovers have witness this cruel test of mother having to give up their own young ones, in dangerous terrains. The mother bear had absolutely no option and had to look out for herself.

Mother and baby bear cubs


Before you jump to any conclusions, let me tell you the mother bear worked real hard to save her children. Swipe next to see how the Mother bear tried to save her children.

Diving In For The Save



Mother and her baby bear cubs


When you look the cubs for a second, we know they were desperate to survive after their mother essentially abandoned them.

The poor babies didn’t even know how to swim, and all that could save them was a miracle. And the miracle came in the form of fishermen.


Struggling Baby Cub


Mother and baby bear cubs


Right when these cubs were going to drown, a miracle in the form of a boat came into sight. Only if the bears could speak in English. The people on board realized the two cubs drowning and rushed to their rescue.

The cubs are exhausted at this point and had almost given up. The fishermen had their eyes set to catch some fish and that is exactly when they spotted the cubs. As the boat goes close, the fishermen realize that the cubs are not only drowning but are noticeably exhausted.

Fishermen To The Rescue


Mother bear and her cubs


Mother and baby cubs – But there was a slight change in plans, the mother bear was lingering around to look out for her children. It seems apparent that she didn’t abandon her cubs, she did what she had to.

The boat waited until the mother bear was father at a distance, so they could save the two babies.

The fishermen obviously found themselves in a physical quandary, what are going to do? How were they going to save the cubs? What happens if the cubs are on board, what next?

These are some questions the fishermen wanted to address but they were running short of time and started saving the first cub.

Rescue Team On Arrival


Mother and baby bear cubs


As the bear cub number got closer to the boat, all these images were taken. He tries to take his own paw’s help to get him on the boat, trice once twice thrice and fails. But worry not, he has a smarter plan, he uses his teeth and tries to jump right in

The fishermen use the net to support progress and that LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, is how you save bear cubs.

It was time to save the second bear cub, he was just as heavy and slippery as the brother. They certainly had to put a lot of effort to save him. But they did end up saving the cubs, that is the end of our heart-breaking story.