1. Raw vegetables

Surprisingly, vegetables that are recognized and recommended by many is not healthy to be taken after exercise. Vegetables can only be taken after exercise when it has been cooked and be eaten with other healthy foods because just like celery, carrot, and broccoli, vegetables work better as healthy, low fat, snack. Restoring our lost metabolism and energy after exercise cannot be achieved by taking vegetables in their raw state because they don’t offer enough calories or fuel needed. However, you need to dip vegetables in healthy dips such as natural yogurt if you prefer to take them raw.

2. Fried foods

After a workout, you might be tempted to eat foods that are high in fat including burgers and chips because we believe that we need to restore the calories burnt. However, eating your favorite full English breakfast is not advisable after exercise.

3. Crisps

After exercise, it is possible for your body to be craving for salt since a load of salt has been lost during exercise. Your body’s potassium level will be lowered by eating certain nuts and crisps which is necessary for your quick body recovery after exercise. In other words, during the exercise, you will, without doubt, lose a lot of potassium, and that is why it is significant to take foods that will enhance them back to its appropriate level instead of foods that will deplete them the more.

4. Pizza

You have countless foods that you can enjoy after a workout, so don’t think of pizza as one of them. Pizza contains processed meats and cheese that are high in unhealthy fats and difficult to be digested by our body. The intake of pizza for a woman is even dangerous because it consists of more than half of the calories recommended for them.

5. Fizzy drinks

It is normal to be thirsty after exercise and more advisable to opt for water instead of fizzy drinks if you want to rehydrate. Taking fizzy drinks will do more harm than good since they have no nutritional benefits, full of chemical and sugar and can even result in tooth decay. You can go for a mixture of protein and carbs such as a cup of low-fat chocolate if plenty of water has been taken and you are still thirsty for something else after exercise.

6. Chocolate

You need to do away with milk after a workout. It may seem that you require a bit of the tasty brown stuff to enhance your energy levels, but chocolate contains a high concentration of sugar and is loaded with calories. Therefore, you need to recharge your body with the right foods instead of chocolate that provide nothing but unhealthy for your body.

7. Pastries

It is not appropriate to begin scoffing down on pastries even though it is recommended that you need to improve blood-glucose levels after exercise by eating some carbs. Your arteries can be clogged and your heart severely affected by fats found in pastries which include pain au chocolate and croissants. Instead, opt for a slice of whole wheat toast after a workout and some nutritious and filling peanut butter can also be added.

8. Energy bars

If you are not sure when to take energy bar as part of your exercise diet, it should be considered before workout and not after it since the fuel you required to get through your exercise will be offered by it. If you take it before a workout, it will be easy for you to burn it off and your metabolic rate will not be slowed down. However, taking it after a workout will not only stimulate fat production but also result in a restless night’s sleep.

9. Energy drinks

It is not advisable to take energy drinks after a workout just like energy bars. Your body cannot be hydrated by energy drinks for they are filled with caffeine and carbonated that can make you feel overloaded and gassy. It is better to opt for water instead of energy drinks since they are full of artificial sweeteners and sugar.

10. Flaxseeds

Although flaxseeds are beneficial and suitable for weight loss, it is best to stay away from consuming them immediately after working out since they are rich in fiber that can result in bloating which impacts all the great work which you have put into your exercise. It’s advisable to have flaxseeds as well as other foods rich in fiber such as bran two hours before an activity or two hours after.

11. Spicy foods

It has been proven that taking spicy foods post-workout will do more harm than good. The effect of your workout can be impeded and consuming these foods can result in indigestion and heartburn. So, if you a lover of these kinds of foods including chicken madras, you need to avoid them after exercise.

12. Avocados

You need to do away with avocados after a workout even if they contain vitamins that are good for our body. The best time to take avocados and other foods that are full of monounsaturated fats are two hours after a workout or two hours before.

13. Granola Bars

Undoubtedly, Granola Bars are excellent and healthy even for a post-workout, but some of them are to do away with because they consist of dangerous ingredients such as sodium, trans fats, and corn syrup which have no nutritional value and they are hard for the body to digest. It is better if you opt for fruit such as banana instead.

14. Cheese

It is good to have cheese, especially after exercise because it contains protein that our body requires after a workout. However, you need to be careful while taking cheese because it is not only full of fat but also highly processed.

15. Processed Meats

After a workout, ensure that you avoid processed meats including ham, bacon, and salami since they contain dangerous fats, and your body cannot be offered what is required to repair itself after a workout. Instead, go for high protein red meats as well as foods such as salmon and chicken.