– EN Showbiz – Gwyneth Paltrow is certain the Harvey Weinstein scandal has prompted a “seismic shift” in the way men in Hollywood treat women.
The Iron Man actress was one of several women who last October (17) accused Weinstein of sexual harassment. Others, like Rose McGowan, have alleged that he raped them. The former Miramax boss denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex.
One year on, Gwyneth says she has seen a major shift in how men in power act and is hopeful the next generation of women, including her 14-year-old daughter, will not have to experience regular harassment.
She tells BBC Radio 4: “I can tell from hearing men in the industry talk, in the tech industry talk, in the VC (venture capital) industry talk, that there has been a seismic shift – and so I’m very hopeful that it will continue, and it will be a much different experience for our daughters than it was for us.”
Gwyneth, who married TV writer Brad Falchuk late last month (Sep18), went public with her accusations against the shamed movie mogul, who has since been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, in an interview with the New York Times. She alleged that he invited her to a hotel for a work meeting and then made unwanted advances that left her “petrified”. Others who have accused him of harassment include Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne.
The 46-year-old says she is proud to be among those who have spoken out about sexual misconduct – as it has shifted expectations of how men can treat women.
“I think it’s incredible to see how much the culture is shifting and how there really seems to be this incredible groundswell where women are coming together and saying this is my experience,” she adds. “This can not be the experience of women going forward and certainly not for the next generation and I feel proud to have been a part of it and I think it is going in a very good direction.”