Airport Memes – Travelling by air can be challenging – it can swing both ways, you may either have a relaxed great time waltzing around or you may be rushing to catch a flight. These are the hilarious moments that have taken place at airports  and outside.

Look for yourself – Airport Memes

Pilot in Her Natural Habitat?????

I mean this does not look safe at all and not practical enough for a pilot.  If anything, the pilot should know the consequences better, she is too close in the picture.

The pilot in the photograph is Maria Pettersson from Sweden. She often posts pictures of herself doing yoga and mostly around the aircraft, I mean we get you spend a lot of time near the aircrafts but is it worth it. Really?

LAY OVER OR UNDER? Airport Memes

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

Especially when your flight is delayed YOU need to be petite to fit yourself and enjoy the easiest of things. The woman you see in the picture obviously has given it a good thought.

You’ll have to be a certain size to make it work! I mean it’s incredible how peaceful she looks!

SO Mature!!

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

This man seems like he has got his stuff together, just another grown adult waiting for his folks to come back home and restock groceries. I mean all folks do it, don’t they? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there broke and hungry and sometimes it’s okay to ask your folks for some extras.

But this guy seems WAY CREATIVE. I mean I don’t think I’d have the courage to go to the airport like this.

You Have Limited Time – KISS AWAY DEAR FRIENDS

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

This particular sign is placed at Denmark’s airport, in the city of Aalborg. So instead of blocking the traffic while kissing your better half, now you just have 3 minutes to do so.

Guys, seriously you can say GOODBYE in 3 minutes. I had no idea airport authorities keep track of smooch sessions. JUST WOW.

Saber This One Out – Airport Memes

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

I personally like this one, it is a great way to promote a famous series like STAR WARS. Die hard fans are all ready to prep and plan their moments, example dressed as Stormtrooper’s or their friend Darth Vader.

It is no Halloween, but who cares?? Fans at Denver airport celebrated STARWARS and greeted one of their friends by playing the ‘Imperial March’. GOALS FOR Airport Memes

This One Takes The Cake

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

This family had a hilarious welcome back sign for their mom, in the most embarrassing way possible. As the husband and the kids waited, the mother walked through the gate to see these not so sober signs.

Fun part about the whole ordeal was the mother’s reaction, who immediately looked the other way and pretended like she didn’t know them. Truth be told guys, I WOULD DO THE SAME!!

Travel Light?

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

You will find all sorts of people at the airport and the more you travel the more you realize people are WEIRD.

Interesting to see these two people at the Seattle airport, weeks apart along with their huge vintage type writers. Guys, this is anything but PRACTICAL. But who wants an apple Ipad?? I actually like that they are keeping it OLD SCHOOL

Placing All Cute Objects In The Tray

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

Like seriously, woman? You left your baby in the tray? I am sure the extra rays is safe for your child. Since babies are unpredictable I pity this woman, I am sure she wasn’t thinking clearly at all. There is no other explanation for this one!

All Checked In

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

I kind of relate to this kind, traveling can be super tiring and there is only so much you can do before you start losing your shit.

Unless you are a child, if you are child you can do whatever you want to, for example this kid has given up in this picture and lying on the belt was the best fun idea she could think of.

Welcome To Our Country !!

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

OBVIOUSLY this guy is tripping hard, he wanted to wait for his wife and welcome her in the cutest way possible and this is what he came up with. Isn’t that just adorable?

I hope his wife agrees this gesture is adorable. I mean the guy went out of his way to dress as her chauffer, holding signs and all that. Pretty sure she would have loved it, unexpected, but loveable.

Now That’s Fantastic

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

Exactly what I want to see when I am about to land, an old abandoned plane that has crashed into the ground. HOW REASSURING????

So the plane had an engine failure and went down shortly after taking off, and the emergency landing failed leaving three pieces of the plane left. Not the most calming experience at the Moscow airport.

Let’s Keep It Personal

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

We all have our moments at the airport and may not remember what our luggage looks like – or forgotten our bags completely. But this gentleman right here has made it personal.

He has a picture of his face printed on the suitcase, obviously he is no narc. Let’s never forget this, you may think you take a lot of selfies and that is a disorder of some kind, but please remember this good kind sir.

Do It For The Gram

Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

Seriously I think this guy is doing it for his Instagram, I mean it is one social media platform where people go crazy over getting more followers and abundance of attention.

Brazilian Pilot – Daniel Centeno has over 70,000 followers due to this insane photograph that he is taken. Selfie was taken from the famous PALM in Dubai. I am really questioning his credibility now!

People later figured it was photoshopped and they died a little inside.


Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See


Looking at this picture anyone would have an anxiety attack, even if you are not afraid of flying. Seeing all those planes together, it is too good to be true.

Obviously you guys would have taken a guess, this is photo-shopped. Photographer Mike Kelley named it ‘WAKE TURBULENCE’ and it shows a flight departing from LAX. It’s a pretty sick shot, I must say.


Funniest Airport Memes You’ll Ever See

Maho beach on Saint Martin in the Caribbean is famous for it’s blue waters and incredible beaches.

One of the beaches is super close to the runway for real, and as you can see in the picture, it is terrifying! At least I am terrified, the man in the photo seems to be enjoying his moment with the plane that’s taking of.