Female Billionaires You guys know what they say about money, with great power and money comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Turns out not every arbiter rich kid can handle legacy.

We bring you the list of female billionaires in the world who have it all. Some of them don’t. Take a closer look!

Holly Branson


Female Billionaires


Worth $3.8 billion, Holly Branson is the daughter of entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, and she is an entrepreneur/business magnet.

She has specialized in neurology and has also practiced at Chelsea and Westminster hospital before she chose to go with the business route. She is not just another kid with rich lineage, she travels the world and often does humanitarian work.


Serra Sabanci


Female Billionaires


A member of the Turkish Group, Serra Sabanci is worth $1.1 billion. She is a boarded member at the Sabanci group, Turkey’s largest financial institution.

She has a background in economics from the University of Portsmouth. Also known to be the 28th richest person in Turkey. For economic studies graduate I think she is doing a fantastic job!


Aerin Lauder


Female Billionaires

I am sure you guys have heard of the big cosmetic giant Este Lauder.

Aerin is the heir to the line – she is 46 and is worth a lot of money, like $1.85 billion worthy!! Beauty entrepreneur Aerin only 16 million shares in Este Lauder alone, apart from this she has own cosmetic and fashion line!


Tamara Ecclestone


Female Billionaires


Tamara is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, billionaire and chief executive of the formula one group. She is a gorgeous 32-year old socialite and TV personality who is worth, $3.6 billion.

Not only is she a heir to the legacy, she has also worked as a presenter for Sky Sports Italia and has been involved in various prestigious productions.

In 2013 Tamara found herself in a controversy where her ex-finance attempted to blackmail her for £200,000 for not giving away intimate secrets to the press.

Derek Rose was sent to jail for attempted blackmail, and rightly so.


Petra Stunt

Female Billionaires


The other daughter of Bernie Ecclestone is Petra Stunt. Just like her sister Tamara, she is a socialite and a model, also known for her designing skills.

She married billionaire James stunt in 2011 in a very expensive wedding which cost them about £12 million.

The couple has made an announcement pertaining their real estate ventures, the newest being buying the mansion of producer Aaron spelling and then listing in for $200 million.

In 2014 she mentioned being conned out of £1.6 million by the contractor who was supposed to renovate her mansion. Yikes! He was sentenced to jail.


Dylan Lauren


Female Billionaires


I mean she obviously made it to the list, she is the daughter of THE RALPH LAUREN. DYLAN Lauren is a successful entrepreneur who decided to make it in the world on her own.

Although Dylan had different ideas about her career, she chose to become an entrepreneur just like her dad, except in a different field. She opened the world’s largest candy bar, called Dylan’s candy bar. Some thought given there, huh

She let her father, Ralph design her wedding dress when she married Paul Arrouet in 2011.


Amanda Hearst – Female Billionaires


Female Billionaires


Owner of the Hearst corporation, Amanda Hearst is worth $8.7 billion. The legacy was originally found by her great-grandfather and the lineage has been taken care of.

Amanda has always fought for animal rights and promotes positive messages about them. She has owned and operated an organization called, ‘Friends and Finn’ that prevents mistreatment of puppies.


Marie Besnier Beauvalot


Female Billionaires


34-year old Marie Besnier Beauvalot has also made it to the female billionaires list! She has inherited a French dairy company called, Lactalis.

Two of her siblings own 100% of the company. The company is famous and popularly known for its President brie cheese, that’s available in Laval in western France. Speaking of authenticity, Marie and family has owned this goal.


Athina Onassis


Female Billionaires


Last surviving descendant of Greek Billionaire, Athina Onassis is working on her style icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ grand daughter through marriage.

She is worth as much as $5 billion at one time and has received over $800 million alone on her 18th birthday! What did you get for your 18th birthday?

Last few years, speculation suggestions that Athina is having trouble shuffling between her extravagant lifestyle and her fortune, half of which is going in her divorce settlement with ex-husband.

It would be a shame to lose all this money in a divorce.



Sara Blakely


Female Billionaires


45-year-old Sarah Blakely is worth $1 billion, founder of her company SPANX – that makes pants, apparel and leggings.

She was listed as one of the 100 influential people by TIME in 2012. She didn’t make it to TIME’s list – Forbes has her as the 93rd most powerful woman in the world.

Now that is something fierce and credible. She is one of the youngest billionaires in this world and being 93rd of the most powerful woman is incredible.


Lynsi Snyder


Female Billionaires


Lynsi Snyder inherited the last bit of her inheritance – In-N-Out burger chain.

Lynsi has been a successful entrepreneur ever since the inheritance, she now owns about 97% of the food chain and it is worth a good $1.3 billion. Sources add, Lynsi has had a difficult past which involves her father dying of an over dose and her uncle dying in a plane crash.

Snyder is also known to be involved in a series of troubled marriages.


Jane Lauder


Female Billionaires


Jane Lauder is also from the clan of Este Lauder cosmetics.

She is worth $1.4 billion and is also heiress to the company, alongside her sister, Aerin lauder.

Speaking of company responsibilities, she is the general manager of Estee Lauder, Origins, Ojon and Darphin Brands. She owns about 20 million shares in the company!



Zhou Qunfei


Female Billionaires


45 year old Zhou Quenfet is worth a lot of money, a lot like $5.7 billion. She grew up poor, but turned out to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Founder of the company, LENS technology which basically makes touch screens. Now that’s a very smart initiative  in the age of technology. Lens technology is a big supplier of touch screens and supply globally to Samsung, Apple and Huawei. She is the richest woman in China.


Sandra Mera



Female Billionaires



Sandra Mera’s father Amancio Ortega Gaong is the fourth richest person in this world. Sandra is worth $6.7 billion and is only 47 years old.

Not only did she inherit the fortune through her father’s clothing business, Inditex, she also has holdings in her own company which is 89% .


Yang Huiyan


Female Billionaires



33 year old Yang Huiyan is worth $4.7 billion, obviously making her one of the richest women in this world. How did she become so rich?

Let’s find out. Her father left her a legacy, which was a company called Country Garden Holdings. According to our reports, that’s not the only reason she is rich, we know she also has an upper hand in the Australian developing business.

The company sold shares, raising a huge chunk of $410 million. Yang graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and logistics from Ohio State University.


Susanne Klatten

Female Billionaires



Susanne Klatten is not someone we can compete with, she is a 53 year old woman worthy of $20.2 billion, that’s the highest number we have on our list so far.

She is THE RICHEST person/entrepreneur/legacy in Germany. She went on to inherit BMW alongside her brother, after their parents passed. The list does not stop, she also inherited Atlanta Ag, a pharmaceutical giant that she sold for $6 billion.




Abigail Johnson



Female Billionaires


CEO and President of Fidelity Investments Abigail Johnson is a 54 year old woman and is worthy of more than we can imagine.

Her current net worth is $13.7 billion. Her grandfather founded Fidelity and is the current chair person. She has about 49% stake in the company and FORBES named the 19th most power woman in the world.