Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to announce on Wednesday night (16th May) the birth of her baby boy.

She posted two bottles and two cuddling emojis, isn’t she just ADORABLE? We love happy pregnant Chrissy Teigen and we are so excited for her.

The happy couple is obviously letting this news sync in and although they have been very public about their lives, no further details about the baby have been revealed. Come on, the baby just arrived, let’s give them some space!

John Legend is yet to comment publicly on Chrissy’s posts, but I am sure he is already a wonderful dad, considering how cute he is with his baby girl, Luna.

In other news, we know Chrissy was expected to give birth in June, so this is an early delivery and we are wishing the baby and mama is healthy.  Sources also add that Kim Kardashian threw a big lavish baby shower last month at Los Angeles.

Kim also uploaded a clip of Chrissy devouring the cake on a kitchen countertop, from the baby shower. It was cute as hell. Chrissy is thrilled that the pregnancy is over and she can move on and be the cutest mom that she loves to be!