Child Stars – Then and Now Child stars have been introduced to the limelight way early in their life, there are certain nuances of being a child star and I believe not every child star can handle it. It seems like just yesterday we were watching these child stars debut in their career.

Although they are child stars, they’ve been taught the essentials to stardom. Some have taken the wrong drug fueled path and have therefore become a result of serious controversy

In-fact child stars are taught to navigate the waves of chaos they are exposed to because of their fame.  Yet it’s kind of crazy how many controversial scandals these stars have become a part of. Some celebrities know how to handle and react to fortune, while some make bad choices.  Let’s look these child stars who made it and you didn’t.


Beth Denberg


Child Stars - Then and Now


By now I’m pretty sure the kids from the 90s have started settling down with their own life and respective families, let’s take a moment to reminisce the good old days and their performance. Starting with the show on Nickelodeon- All that? Anyone remembers this show??

Parents and kids who watched this will know the reference and they would probably have loved Beth Denberg from the Vital Information for your everyday life skit, and The Steve Harvey show to name a few.

She quit working on-screen in the mid-2000s but sure has made appearances on Workaholics, Raymond & Lane and Hollywood Darlings. Looks like she has made a comeback.  Here’s how the star looks in a before and after photograph.




Malcolm David Kelly




Child Stars - Then And Now



The 25-year-old actor is made a serious come back with his new historical drama Detroit. I am sure a lot of you’ll remember from his child actor debut in Antwone Fishes, that premiered 15 years ago.

One of the last film roles after Antwone Fishes was in Mississippi Damned. Detroit revolves around the political turmoil and the Detroit riots that took place in the summer of 1967 and Kelly plays the character of Michael Clark.

Obviously in his 15 plus years’ experience as an actor, Kelly has grown from being the timid child actor that he was, and we love watching him on screen.

Look at his before and after photograph.


Heather O’Rourke


Child Stars - Then And Now



Heather O’Rourke is known for her famous role in the 1982 horror movie Poltergeist.

Her sweet smile and bright eyes got her working on sequels in 1986 and 1988. She also made appearances on hit shows like CHIPS. Unfortunately, she suffered and was diagnosed with an intestinal condition in Los Angeles, which ultimately lead to her death in 1988.

The incident however gave the insurance companies a scare, as after her death co star Dominique Dunne refereed to the film’s production being cursed. Freaky, isn’t it? Here is a refreshing reminder of how spooky she looked in the movies. Child Stars – Then and Now


Susan Olsen


Child Stars - Then and Now


Susan Olsen was born to a family in California that was already a part of the acting fraternity.

For example, her older brother Christopher had a prominent role in the 1956 Hitchcock film, The Man Who Knew Too Much.

She played the character of youngest Brady Child Cindy in 1969 and it went on for 117 episodes. Since the movie, The Brady Brunch – Susan has built a career as a Radio jockey with several talk shows on the LA airwaves. Also an artist who created a piece specifically to honor the homeless and bankrupt police brutality victim, Kelly Thomas.



Dana Plato


Child Stars - Then and Now


Dana Plato is famously known for her role on sitcom ‘Different Strokes’ in 1978.

She had years of experience auditioning in La’s San Fernando Valley. It was during this time that Plato developed an addiction to alcohol and narcotics and started using at the young age of 14. Dana’s post-strokes years were defined by financial quandary and battling addiction. She suffered a fatal opioid overdose in 1999 at 34 years old.


Josh Saviano


Child Stars - Then and Now


Saviano had a brief experience in Hollywood, the roles that he played obviously got him money, but it wasn’t anything like experiencing stardom.

The Wonder Years fans were obviously impressed when Saviano enrolled in Yale, he dodged the limelight for a bit but couldn’t completely escape it. Rumors suggested that was Marilyn Manson, while what he was doing was being an associate at a law firm. Weirdest thing we’ve heard so far, what do you think?


Tatyana Ali

Child Stars – Then and Now


Child Stars - Then And Now


Ashley banks’ was popular character  on the 90’s sitcom ‘The Fresh prince Of Bel-Air’ alongside Will smith.

The actress has done well for herself since her debut and doesn’t look like she is nearing retirement or bankruptcy. Ali has worked in over 50 Tv and film appearances and would perhaps forefront more Hollywood productions if an opportunity presented itself. Married to Vaughn an English professor at Stanford, Banks is also a new mother and has paved way for new responsibilities.


Mara Wilson


Child Actors - Then And Now


Do you guys remember Matilda??

Yes, that distinct face is of Mara Wilson and it has become iconic because of her incredible performance in Matilda. Wilson suggests that she wanted to pursue acting ever since she was a kid and she had no qualms about entering the showbiz industry. Wilson’s mom passing away had an impact on her, so much so that she decided to take a step back from acting and all the money piling up.

She opted to focus on her education at the Tisch School of the arts. She is now helping children deal with the grave reality of mental illness.

Keisha Knight Pulliam

Child Stars - Then And Now

Keisha Knight Pulliam was a popular child actor, who played Rudy Huxtable on the famous hit, The Cosby Show. She has managed to take care of herself and her money, unlike some other child actors who have found themselves amidst controversies.

She also turned heads when she played an adult entertainment worker in Madea Goes To Jail.