In the Wonder Years, Josh Saviano played the Paul Pfeiffer role. But his career turned from the movie theatre to the court. Having studying hard and finishing law school, he is now a practicing lawyer, along with his wife and child.


Notoriously known for his prowess and career in rapping, Vanilla Ice made some money from his hit tracks and used them for investments. He purchased properties and sold them for huge profit amounts. Today in the real estate industry, it seems as though he will never stop dealing.


Nikki Bonsley starred in some movies after the famous Hairspray. She decided to take some cosmetology courses and discovered he true passion in the beauty industry. She now works as a part-time makeup artist and hair stylist in the hippy city of New York.


In the movie we all heralded as Jurassic Park, Ariana Richards played the Lex Murphy major role. She did return for the sequel, after which it seemed like her life’s drastic turn has almost stripped her off her celebrity status. She stopped her acting career and her appearances on international TV have gone from dwindling to nothing. She attended Skidmore College where she took her love for painting seriously and bagged a degree in Fine Arts and Drama.


The group christened as the Fierce Five, who are the Women’s United States Gymnastics Team, formed the foundation upon which McKayla Maroney gained world recognition for her ingenious talent. She won a silver on the vault and a then trending picture was taken of her, in which she appeared somewhat unimpressed. Well, a few years after she did say goodbye to her gymnastics and embraced the art of music, releasing her debut single Ghost in 2016.


Sarah Michelle Gellar once stood as the most badass vampire slayer back in the 90s, one that kept us at the edge of our seats and closest to our TV screens. Starring in movies such as All My Children, she was really a force to be reckoned with. But since then her break light has been unseen in the Hollywood seen, and that’s because she has a new hobby now – a business called foodstirs. She sells baking kits for kids, stays on the food theme and recently released a recipe book.


Remember the cute kid who was popular for featuring in Home Improvement? That’s Taran Noah. After getting married to 16-year0lder Heidi Van Pelt to access his trust fund, he decided to change his future by leaving acting and going into agriculture. He runs a non-dairy cheese company called Playfood, where he sells vegan products. He also owns a restaurant with the same name.


The well-lauded Brittany Ashton is now a Starbucks Barista. Playing the character Darla in the show Little Rascals, she really made a young impression in the Hollywood scene. After that major role, she got taken far from Hollywood by her parents and she began leading a normal life. Clever still, she’s now studying political sciences and working hard for a degree. To pay her tuition, she is working as a Starbucks Barista.


If you remember Jonathan Bennett’s role as Aaron in Mean Girls, you are on track! But, having left the acting career, he now works as a spin class instructor at Flywheels Gym in Los Angeles. This seems like a really huge turnaround from being BFFs with Lindsay Lohan.


From being in a rock band to becoming a racecar driver after being the star of Malcolm in the Middle, Frank Munitz has assumed a new life. He became passionate about racecars and decided to go for his dream, while playing drums for Kingsfoil.