Queen Latifa

Everybody wants to lose weight, and Queen Latifa isn’t just a believer, but a doer. Having been on the entertainment scene for years, looking beautiful and proud of her curvy body, she was a hot potato. Recently, she has been putting efforts into losing weight, and the results have paid off, as she is now rocking her even more gorgeous body – an hourglass shape that’s serving as an inspiration to the many weight shedders out there. Queen Latifa is now everything from stunning to healthy.

Alec Baldwin

Having lived so much time with his massive weight, Alec Baldwin decided to cut down on fat after the 2013 test results showed his diabetes was off the charts. HE adopted the Atkin diet and began his weight loss regime. As of now, he has shed a lot of weight and is now looking overly better than he used to be. He has not only sidestepped diabetes but as well advanced his looks.

John Goodman

Probably because of his size, Goodman was always being given the big guy role to play in his movie starring. This dates back to his role in Cheers where he depicted Norm. He played his roles quite impressively and was even cast as the big monster in Monsters. Some time ago he became wary concerning the effect his weight had on his health and decided to take a trip down the weight loss lane. He has lost over 100 pounds and is now looking more attractive as a man.

Christina Aguiler

She’s been one of the most beautiful female celebrities ever to grace the celebrity scene as of recent. After her consistent acting career, she discovered she had weight issues and decided to cut down on what was needed and started hitting the gym. She was 5 feet tall and was nursing a baby – cogent indications that weight loss is the way out. Diet plus training equals much more elegant and healthier Christina Aguilera.

Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono is known for being the son of Cher and Sonny, participating in a season of “Dancing with the Stars” and for being a transgender. After doing a show that centered on the essence of physical activity, Chaz decided to go on a protein, fruit and veggies diet to shed some weight. This and incorporating a running routine into his regime, made him lose up to 85 pounds, giving him a stunning look, he now wields today.

Chris Pratt

Famous for giving good looks and stunning body, Chris Pratt has gotten himself a significant spot in the Hollywood scene. At some point, he was weighing as much as 300 pounds and needed to lose some of that. He stopped eating for comfort, adopted a healthy habit and began hitting the gym frequently. This dedication paid off, as he is now a Hollywood heartthrob due to his good looks and shaped physique.

Oprah Winfrey

Known as one of the most notable faces. She put on a considerable amount of weight – up to 300 pounds and needed to do something about it. Quickly realizing that her weight was getting out of hand, she took time to turn her life around by using Weight Watchers and a religious workout program, all of which helped her lose an enormous 160 pounds. She now looks as pretty as ever and is now a spokeswoman assisting other lose weight.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has been battling with weight issues ever since she started out with her acting career. It became more of a force to be reckoned with when she had her twin babies, and there were no more signs to be expected to prove that she needed a weight loss miracle. To get that pop diva image and her career back on the better, she started her weight loss journey and stuck to a diet plan along with thorough exercise. She managed to lose 45 pounds and reclaimed her chic curvaceous body.

Seth Rogen

If Seth Rogen isn’t playing the role of the big guy, then he is not acting. He played a role in Green Lantern, and that brought about his devotion to shedding weight. His chubby body that got him the plump role in 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up has become a better look, after some diet plans and workouts. Healthier, Seth is now looking much more confident.