– EN Showbiz – Bryce Dallas Howard is getting tired of dumb questions about her hair colour.
The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star insists she has no problems being a redhead, but she would rather people stopped asking her about life as a ginger.
In a new PopSugar interview, Bryce tackles all the stupid questions she hates about her hair, including, “Isn’t your hair technically orange and not red” and “Are you Irish?”
“What does it mean when you’re challenging the colour of my hair?” she asks. “Like, what are you trying to say to me?”
As for the queries about her links to Ireland – a country famous for redheads – Bryce reveals her roots are mostly German, not from the Emerald Isle.
“People assume that you’re Irish,” she adds, “and they say a lot, ‘Oh, you must love St. Patrick’s Day…’ I happen to not drink alcohol, so that’s not, like, a holiday I love the most…”
And she’s really tired of queries about tanning, telling PopSugar, “I could stand to not hear this question again.”
“Every week, someone comments to the fact…’What happens when you go in the sun…?’ like it’s like a vampire thing… In real life, as a redhead, I do not tan; I burn and then I freckle.”
Bryce jokes she’s part of the problem when it comes to the reported dwindling population of gingers, revealing that her two children are not redheads.
“I come from a family, generations of redheads, (but) I married a brunette and my kids are a blonde and a brunette,” she explains. “I do not have redheaded children.”