Just like humans, animals have a community and family of their own. Most of them travel in packs, and this is their way of showing love to one another. Since most families (animals) travel in pack, they are also faced with inevitable brutal circumstances! For example, in this piece we are looking at a stranded baby elephant who had no help in the beginning, but as you progress you read the baby elephant got unexpected help! Let’s check out where the help came from.

Abandoned and Alone

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

Under certain circumstances the pack may abandon one of their own, and leaving the babies to survive in the wild. Humans can save these animals on certain occasions, but they don’t always help make situations better! Above you can see a baby elephant getting some help!

Traveling Squad

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

Often you will find animals in the wild and they are never alone. Animals like lions, wolves and giraffes travel in pack! This behavior naturally stems from their protective instinct. They also are very intimidating, have you ever seen a pack of wild animals? I guess not, especially with elephants it’s more of a social thing. A single elephant is hard to taken down, so they are technically not worried about being attacked!

Looking After Themselves

Adult elephants can reach heights up-to 10 feet and wear over 6 tons, this is pretty intimidating as opposed to the other animals we’ve seen in the wild. Although they do travel in packs, many don’t stick together, some may get left behind.

Research suggests it’s usually the female elephants who stick together along with their young ones. The males are the one that usually abandon the herd, in search of  new female partners. Due to the motherly care, there is a strong connection established within the herd and hence its surprising to see how this little baby elephant got lost!

Never By Choice

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

There is hardly a case where the female elephant abandons her children by choice, sometimes there are situations when they can’t help when their young ones get lost. This is exactly what happened to the poor young elephant in South Africa who was left abandoned by his pack!

Abandoned, stranded and lone the baby elephant had to fend for itself until something unexpected happened!

 Taking Some Time Off

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The unusual situation came after the pack found themselves in one of the natural pools in the area. Beating the African heat, it was obviously important for the pack to stay hydrated. Hence they found themselves near this water body where their young ones usually take time off to play!

The mud acts as a coolant due to the intense sunshine and keeps their body from over heating. Playing in these pools obviously have dangerous consequences.

Dangerous Consequences

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The watering hole in Africa is a dangerous place for baby animals and there are constant predators lurking around. Mothers have to be very careful of their young ones, who are the most common target for predators. In a single swoop they can be taken by a lion or even something lurking in the water!

The Watering Hole

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The bunch got around the pool area to cool off and the mothers were on high alert making sure the young ones are covered. They drank and played in the water and it seemed they were in the clear! When it was time for them to leave, a young one found himself trapped in the mud. He couldn’t escape, he seems helpless and had no idea what he was supposed to do! Will the other elephants jump to its rescue?

What Are They Going To Do Now?

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The pack wasn’t about to leave one of their own babies struggling in the mud. Several adult elephants tried to push the baby out from the back! It was a terrible situation to be in, despite their strengths and efforts the young elephant remained stuck int he mud and no progress was being made.

How were they going to get him out?

Calling In Help!

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The pack wasn’t going to give up that easy, they got the whole herd at the scene, around the pool to try and help the struggling baby elephant. Even as a herd, they could not pull the baby out. The adults were showing signs of frustration as they were unable to free the young one, but little did they know that trouble was brewing.

They made effort to try and help each other out, but that’s not what happened..

 Left Alone

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

All the attention and planning could not get this baby out, he was stuck and the herd stood there helpless! What was going to happen?

Here Comes The Help OR Trouble?

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The adult elephants had no idea how to react when a jeep started toward them. The car was going around in circles but the pack did not give up, they stood by as a herd. To top that they weren’t afraid of the officers. Had one of their young ones not been trapped in the mud, they would have gone in for a fight.

Even when they were in danger, they stood together and did not leave the baby behind.

Here’s What Happened Next

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The elephants were trying to put a brave face against the men in the jeep, a couple of tourists watched this from a distance! The pack couldn’t do much as one of their own was stuck in the mud and they needed help to get him out. The men in the jeep were trying to help, but they ended up terrifying the babies and the young ones started to flee in different direction.

The adults were stuck in a compromising position, on one hand they couldn’t leave the young one,on the other they need the squad to stay together. They had a difficult decision to make!


Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

It was sad the rest of the pack had to fled away, but the baby elephant was trapped all alone! The young baby was scared beyond compare and as the cars kept coming closer, the animal had no idea what to do! These men who had successfully scared of the pack, were they actually coming to save the baby?

Yes, they were indeed here to help! They meant no harm from the beginning but they did manage to scare the pack away. The whole point of scaring the pack away was to stay close and try and save the baby elephant. They wouldn’t have been able to get close to otherwise. Their intentions were good enough, but there were in a predicament of sorts trying to help the baby elephant.

When All Else Failed

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The men used a rope to pull the animal out and yet there was no success, they weren’t sure what else to try. They started patting the mud to see if it gets any movement, and just when they thought they were out of options the baby elephant showed signs of movement.

Before they knew it he was out of the mud. But what happens after this was really sad..
The baby elephant was free, but the rangers couldn’t let him waltz off into the wild, and hence they tied him to the tree with a rope! It was essentially trapping the elephant again, except this time it wasn’t the mud.

 Lashing Out

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The baby elephant was obviously not a big fan of being stuck again and he had no idea what to do! He lashed out in the beginning trying to get away from the rope and had he been older he would have pulled the whole tree down! It was definitely easier for the rangers to trap this one.

Eventually the baby calmed down,he was feeling lonely and that resulted in him lashing out. The baby missed his pack and didn’t quite understand how to survive without them! Now the rangers had to find a way to reunite the baby with his folks!

New friends

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

The baby elephant took some time but finally got accustomed to the rangers. One of the rangers managed to befriend the baby without scaring him away and that was the first sign that showed he was warming up to them! The more water he consumed,he was less stressed and the tension between them began to fade.

While the rangers contemplated on getting the elephant safe back to its herd, the baby was having a little party with the water in the bowl. He made a mess but it seemed like he was happy! He was back to his normal state and every time he heard noises in the wild he looked up in hope thinking it were his family!

They Heard A Familiar Sound

Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

Right about when the baby and rangers were starting to lose hope, they heard a familiar sound.
The baby got excited and tried to break free from confines of the tree. The rangers were considering taking the baby back to a shelter, but they were relieved to find the family on the way to see the baby elephant.

The rangers had an idea the pack was nearby and all they had to do was find them! The tourists who were earlier noticing the elephants alerted the men where to look! The tourists in fact told the rangers that the herd was by the natural pool where the baby initially got stuck.

The rangers were finally able to free the baby back to its squad!


Abandoned Baby Elephant Receives Unexpected Help!

As the rangers approached the location specified by the tourists, both rangers and the baby elephant were beyond happy to see the pack waiting! The young baby elephant started calling out to the family and rushed toward them..the pack seemed equally pleased to have him around!

They were happy and glad no harm was caused to the baby after they had abandoned it int he mud! It was indeed a happy ending for the baby elephant, who had a rough day!