“I said it was typical. Typical of you, Rachel Green, Queen Rachel does whatever she wants in little Rachel land.”
We all remember the profoundly famous season 8 episode with Brad Pitt and his ‘I hate Rachel club’. It was one hilariously rude incident, but deep down, we know it was true to most ends. We’re undoubtedly deep in love with Jennifer Aniston, but Rachel Green? Oh god no! Keep that brat out of our life!

Here are 10 solid reasons Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S was the classic bitch.

1. When she slept with Barry in his dentist’s chair

Even though Barry and Mindy did the same with Rachel, it’s still an evil thing to have sex with your supposed friend’s fianc, especially after you’ve already left him at the altar once. Seriously, how many times does one have to sleep with someone in order to figure out that they don’t love them?
Not to forget, she still agreed to be Mindy’s made of honour! Integrity much

2. Jealous AND Hypocritical

Not only did Rachel refuse to accept Julie as a friend, but in fact she also manipulated Monica into disliking her. Even though she didn’t seem to want Ross at times, she continuously made sure he wouldn’t be with anyone else as well, whereas she kept yelling at Ross for interfering in her personal life when he asked her about Mark and his intentions (which was an obvious guess in the end). In fact, whenever Ross was happy, she was not.
And what about her tolerance for her sisters, who were pretty much exactly the same as her?

3. Worst ex ever?

Any doubts on that?

Julie, Charlie, Bonnie, Emily, the list goes on. Rachel never gave Ross the attention and respect he deserved, and worse than that was her treatment of his other girlfriends. She literally manipulated Bonnie into SHAVING HER HEAD! She refused to let Ross date Jill, but she allowed Amy, who was objectively worse than Jill, only to take care of her baby and to come to Thanksgiving.
Rachel was exactly the kind of ex-girlfriend we see in our nightmares.

4. Literally gatecrashed Ross’s wedding and ruined it

Oh my god this one!
Just when it seemed like Ross was finally on the right track for once in his life, even after everything Rachel has already tried, she pulled off the biggest stunt of her life. She flew to his wedding! What was she thinking? Even Doctor House knew what she was doing is was the worst she could do as a friend. Sure Emily wasn’t the best, but that didn’t give Rachel any right to gatecrash their wedding and influence Ross’s decisions.

5. Her list of boyfriends on the show, and how

If you think about it, most of the men Rachel went out with on the show had a particular purpose to serve, mostly to trouble Ross. She hooks up with Paolo again when she finds out about Julie. She literally dates Russ just because he looks like Ross. And Bruce Willis, aka Paul Stevens? Although anyone wouldn’t miss a chance to go out with Bruce Willis, Rachel’s only real reason was to hurt Ross’s relationship with Elizabeth, who happened to be Paul’s daughter.
And she didn’t even know Tag’s last name!!

6. Terrible roommate

The friend who is always in an urgent need to move in but would never cook, clean, or bother to take out the trash. Rachel has shared houses with the most people, and it has always been a not-so-great experience at best, including when she hooked up with Joey, when she wouldn’t move out of Monica’s (just give them some space, ugh!), and when she ends up putting Phoebe’s apartment on fire, and then putting the blame on Phoebe’s candles instead. And what about the time she lost Monica her apartment because she thought Chandler was a ‘transponster’?

7. Terrible Mother

Despite Ross being more than keen to be a part in his son Ben’s life, despite having broken up with his ex-wife, it was staggering that Rachel even suggested taking his new baby girl, and second child, Emma away to live with her in Paris. How was Rachel going to raise a child on her own in Paris with a big job in fashion? Nobody seemed to question how horrible and selfish she was being in stopping Emma from seeing her father.

Oh and she even stole her daughter’s name from her best friend. Everyone knows Monica had planned to name her future daughter Emma way before Rachel usurped it.

8. Gunther?

This one’s not solely on Rachel. Literally everyone pretty much ignored Gunther’s existence in their lives. Although Gunther did offer particular help and support to Rachel in her times of need, including a job, and his own apartment, and even offered to buy off her gross cat, his love remains forever unrequited. No one even notices his odd behaviour every time he’s around Rachel or is talking about her.


What else could you mean when you say “we should take a break…from us”.
All of Ross’s suspicions about Mark were absolutely on point. And Rachel was in fact spending much more time with Mark than with Ross. we mustn’t forget that Ross called up to reconcile hours before Rachel did. It was the sum of his emotional vulnerability, alcohol and a promiscuous woman, that caused Ross to have an affair, which was technically not part of cheating (NO. It was not!). Once again, Rachel transferred her error onto someone else.

Too many people have overlooked horrific moral flaws in her character, hidden under the canned laughter in the background, because of her appearance (which we absolutely adore ourselves too, tbh). But Rachel Green has been involved in the most drama out of every character, and her transformation from the opening episode to the finale has been staggering.

We can’t deny the fact that we still love her, despite all these errors inside of her, much like Ross did all this while.