Animals are weird as anything.

21 animal photos so weird you won’t believe they could exist. Animals are an endless source of entertainment for anyone who encounters them. This fact is not a surprise to anyone who has ever owned a pet – from the endless goofiness of dogs to the arrogant self-assurance of cats to…whatever it is birds and horses do. Do people just pretend to want to own tiny squawking animals or giant hooved demon-beasts? It’s a mystery we might never solve, like why hot dogs come in packages of six while buns come in packages of eight, or why they canceled Firefly after only 15 episodes. Anyway, thanks to their inherently hilarious nature, it’s not at all surprising that animals would be the featured players in a wide variety of truly bizarre photos. Some of these are wonderfully hilarious, some are amazingly bizarre, and some just look like optical illusions, but I can guarantee you’ve never seen anything like any of these before. Are you ready to see some of the silliest and strangest animal photos to which you’ve ever borne witness? Read on for 21 of them.

1. Which one is the real Winnie the Pooh, can you guess?

2. This…sheep?

In a hurry rollerskates for Rescue.

3. This seagull.

Let me have a bite?

4. This dog.

We know there aren’t hands in there, and yet somehow I’m still deeply disturbed.

5. This cat.

You are under arrest!

6. This man amidst the penguins.

Wassup fellas?

7. Friends forever?

They look kinda cute together?

8. Can this dog Fly?

It’s a bird! It’s a dog! It’s both of those things!

9. This long retriever.

Is it an Octodog or some new Cute Villain from Spiderman?

10. Dinner is readyy !

Those Eyes…

11. This raccoon.

12. This lion.

How about we grab a bite now professor?

13. These turtles.

This seems like # Squadgoals?

14. These dogs.

Probably they let the other dog’s out?

15. Sylvester and Tweety.


16. A squirrel enjoying a lollypop.

17. Winner Winner Chicken dinner?

18. If I fits, then I sits.

Just looking a place to sit calmly!

19. Horse or Alien?

20. Just chilling after the Avengers Infinity War.

Wake me up when they reboot Guardians of the Galaxy….

21. Oh, I didn’t see the sign!