Our bodies undergo dramatic changes as the years roll by, especially in our facial features and hair textures, a problem that can become worse with the wrong choice of hairstyle. And as far as science is concerned, there is no drug or therapy for youth. At some point, you will get old and craggy.
One of the most notorious things that can age you is a hair rut. You need to choose your hairstyles wisely if you are to keep looking smart and fashionable. In this piece, we will look at some simple hairstyle modifications that can see you looking ten years younger.

The Classic Bob

The classic bob is always in fashion as it fits correctly irrespective of your age. People with coarse hair should wear this style with layers, but a blunt edge is ideal if you have beautiful hair. This hairstyle gives an impression of higher cheekbones, and that’s what makes it so great on old faces. However, it’s not advisable to wear the style curled under if you have a round face as it makes your face look fuller. Also, avoid styling this cut too short to prevent revealing grey hairs in your hairline.

Short Choppy Layers

An inevitable outcome of aging is hair loss. You can use a choppy layered hairstyle to make your receding hair look thicker. The style also increases the width of the face around the eyes, helping to prevent a gaunt look, and improving the overall frame of the face with the eyes as the center of attraction. Mid-neck length is perfect for this styling.

Graduated Layers

Now, this is a long hairstyle, which may not be what many experts will recommend if you are on the wrong side of 40 or 50. But you can still rock this styling to retain some of the freshness of your disappearing youth. However, long shouldn’t be longer than the collarbone, which is a hotspot for women of every age. The layers give the styling a modern appearance and open up the face. Women with thicker hair can start the layers at the cheekbones to emphasize the bone structure while people with fine hair should not go shorter than jaw length.

Side Bangs

Side bangs emphasize your cheekbones and cover small imperfections that disfigure your forehead, making your face appear wider and younger. Side bangs can end at any point between the cheekbones and the eyebrow. In fact, you can add side bangs to other styles to give your face a lift. The interesting part is that they are not elaborate and can be tucked away with pins if you end up not liking them after all.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cut requires courage, especially if you’ve always had long hair. But it’s a great way to preserve your youth if you can take the leap. The pixie cut is modern, elegant and simple. It’s also low maintenance and well-loved by women of all ages. However, older women should consider a pixie cut with blended layers for a more mature look.

Romantic Waves

Romantic waves can help make your hair look fuller, and draw attention away from the gaunt shape of your aging face, making you look younger and more beautiful. But don’t wear yours in a crimped style.

The Chignon

The chignon is a simple style made by knotting or twisting the hair. The chignon is a perfect style for women of all ages as it flaunts the neck, jaw, and collarbone, accentuating these sexually appealing parts. It’s better to wear your chignon loosely as that gives a more modern and softer appearance, especially when you add a couple of braids.

Braided Crown

The braided crown emphasizes youth because its associated with youthfulness. Additionally, it accentuates the eyes and cheekbones, helping to draw attention away from your narrowing features. And the braid also pulls the face slightly, which helps to enhance the features to make you more beautiful.

High Ponytail

The high ponytail pulls the face imperceptibly, making the skin around the eyes, forehead smoother and drawing attention to the eyes. With smooth styling, an older woman can wear a sophisticated look, and you can make it classier by wrapping a strand of hair around the tie or pulling it back roughly to wear a girlish look.

Low Ponytail

Like high ponytails, low ponytails also pull the forehead slightly to emphasize the cheekbone and draw attention upwards to the eyes. Whether dressed up or down, a low ponytail offers class and elegance no matter your age.

Retro Curls

Retro curls are waves and curls that pull the onlookers’ eyes away from the effects of aging on your face. It can help widen the face, so it doesn’t appear narrow like that of an old woman. Retro curls make your hair fuller, can make skin tone appear youthful, and leave you elegant and younger.

Flipped Out Ends

Flipped out ends make your hair youthful and modern by adding texture and a little bit of disorganization to it. You can add texture to your hair with salt sprays and other hair products. But if your hair is naturally straight and hard to texture, you can add texture by flicking and flipping out the ends.

Top Knot

Top knots add elegance, style, and youthfulness to the wearer, especially if the style is messy. The hairstyle highlights the exposed jawline and cheekbones, smoothen the skin around the eyes and forehead, pulling attention towards the eyes. The best part is that you can wear it on any hair to get a youthful and carefree look.

Natural Highlights

Lightening your hair with natural colors around the front or the whole head can transform your look. Not only can it add luster to your hair, but also natural highlights that can brighten your complexion to make you look younger. Don’t try this at home though, unless you want to end up with an utterly odd look.

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy hair with the ends flicked out can give you a fun and casual appearance, especially if your hair is wavy. It pulls attention away from age spots, fine lines, and other imperfections on the face with its messy texture. Plus, its low maintenance and seriously flirty.

Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls add volume and texture to your hair, helping to cover the little imperfections on the face and making it appear wider.

Sleek Straight Hair

A sleek straight hair appears youthful any day. Meanwhile, try as much as possible to avoid applying heat on your hair or use heat protective products when that’s impossible.

Bed Hair

This messy-looking hairstyle that looks like you just got out of bed adds youthfulness and fun to your appearance, especially when it’s really messed up.

Messy Bun

A messy bun is simple but effective, giving you a youthful, feminine, and casual look. Whether messy or smoothened, this style can make you look beautiful and classy, especially when worn high.

Change Your Part

How you part your hair can make you look younger or older. You can clip off years off your face using an off-center or side part as it adds volume to your hair instantly. The best part is that it’s quite simple and cost-free.