A lot of work goes into BIG BUDGET BANNERS, the costumes to accessories and props to maintain a film’s wardrobe. The outfits need to be in sync with the theme and fit the character’s personality. This is the directors effort to set the theme physically and spiritually to make it more real and authentic.

Films make some serious blunders when it comes to the shoot, we do not usually notice such mistakes but here are some downright silly mistakes we’ve documented.

Brad Pitt’s Hair

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

In the movie, Legends of the fall Brad Pitt looked handsome as ever, however, his the portrayal of his character, Tristan Ludlow was not the same. Pitt’s character was playing a bold, aggressive character, his hair do on the other hand, was way too attractive for his role! His hair was too blonde and too beautiful.

Pink Umbrella

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

Orlando Bloom’s pink Umbrella in troy is really fun and probably historically inaccurate. Umbrella’s weren’t invented then, but a specific kind of Umbrella was invented by the Greeks in the 5th Century BCE – according to the timeline Troy took place 800 years after the invention.

Bloom still looks great, no complaints.

 Pride & Prejudice

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

The 2005 romantic drama is based on a classic literature novel by Jane Austen. If you have read the book you would have imagined costumes and the sense of when the story took place, visually. That is the best part about reading, you have the power to imagine the best possible scenarios.

In the movie, the character of Lizzie was played Keira Knightly and she is phenomenal – but she is wearing rubber boots y’a;ll. Rubber boots weren’t invented then!

Captain America

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!
In the movie, Peggy Carter’s hair reached and shoulders and she looked remarkably stunning! That’s not the point, but in the Army during the WW2 this was a big NO! Female soldiers were required to keep their hair up, off their uniform collar.

Pirates of the Caribbean

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

We loved the entire Pirates series, including The Curse Of The Black Pearl. The soldiers are spotted wearing red coats (technically these red coats) represent the British Empire and the movie was set after! So we can minus these coats now. Everything else about the movie was perfect!

Julius Caesar

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

Julius Caesar is old gold, wearing those pointy bras was considered a norm and anyone who considered herself to be a woman owned it. There was no way the female cast of Caesar would have been able to wear them considering Julius Caesar was set 2000 years before the invention of these bras.

 Catch Me If You Can

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

The iconic movie had Amy Adams and she looked so cute and goofy in her braces! The 42 year starred alongside Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. The biographical film was set in the 60s and Amy’s Character wore wired-metal braces, which were mainly used later in 70’s.

American Hustle

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

Guys, LOUIS CK wears a Rolex watch in American Hustle and if you look at the timeline, the Rolex technically didn’t exist in the 70s. The movie gained huge amount of success and received numerous Oscar nominations Best Director, Best Actor, Best Picture and more. .

Sense and Sensibility

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

The movie was great, but the baby wore a diaper way ahead of its invention. Back in the day before the diaper was invented, babies were protected by cloth in order for them to do their business until parents were introduced to the luxury of diapers. Sense and Sensibility is another Jane Austen classic and it is clear that the material used for the baby wasn’t from the same time.

Schindler’s List

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

Schindler’s List was set back in the day and we’ve seen it all,Women did not have shaved legs or armpits. Call us crazy but it is what it is! European women adapted to the concept during the 1930’s and 40’s and it was a nightmare for those at the concentration camp. TO think of survival or shaving your legs? Questionable

Picnic at Hanging Rock

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

Set in the 1900’s the girls hair do’s would let you believe they grew up in the 1970’s.
During the early 1900’s a girl’s hair was usually worn up and accompanied by light tendrils. In the film, the hairstyles are down, straight. Somehow does not match the time period the movie was set in!

Pretty Woman

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

We’ve all watched and fell in love with the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were incredible in the movie! While filming one of the most romantic scenes, Vivian’ and Edward’s first kiss, the crew missed a single detail. Vivian is wearing a white nightgown that is long – beginning of the scene and by the end it’s already short, this was a blunder. I personally don’t care about the length of her nightgown, the movie is too good to be true!

Back to the Future

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

We can ignore one or two prop mistakes when the movie itself is incredible,and a one that takes places traveling back and forth in time. One of the major scenes, Michael J Fox played the role of unforgettable Marty McFly, plays the song “Johnny B. Goode” with a ES-345 model Gibson guitar from 1958, when in fact the scene was set in 1955. You could say Marty and his guitar really did fly to the future in this one.

Django Sunglasses

15 Glaring Costume Mistakes In Popular Movies!

The Django Sunglasses was inspired by Charles Bronson’s character in the movie, The White Buffalo back in the year 1977. This stylish prominent cross bar frame that Jamie Foxx wore through out the movie was one of the most iconic accessories. Jamie Foxx’s performance along with the others have fetched the film nearly $300,000,000 in the box office around the world. The sunglasses are still in vogue and still termed as the, “Django Sunglasses”. The sunglasses worn by Django were however invented until 1929, so it technically couldn’t have made it to the film!