Classrooms and school days are different in each era, if you look back a few years you will realize that it was WAY different. The smell of chalk dust and library books made it more authentic and real books were a part of our education.

Classrooms today are completely different, they have gone digital and there is not room for old school drama. We are looking a few things we had back in our classroom that most children don’t these days! Check for the list of things schools these days are missing out on.

Baton Twirling

Do you even know what Baton Twirling is??? Taught in many schools, yet not a very common sport these days. Most girls who learn this sport learn it in a professional gymnastics studio.

This form of sport was common at school games especially to represent the school in parades! Unfortunately, the sport is on a decline now, but there are several girls who want to learn this sport. Girls have so many choices now and to think do we miss those sequined majorette costumes!

Morning Prayers

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

If you have gone to a catholic school, I am pretty sure you understand what I am talking about. At times it was the prayer we picked out and other, it was the teacher we loved. There is obviously more freedom to be yourself these days and we love this.

But don’t ever forget the part of this school day.

Learning Cursive

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

As controversial as prayer is in school turns out it is the same for teaching of cursive handwriting. Today, cursive is gibberish to most kids!

Most kids don’t know what cursive handwriting is and are not given the opportunity to learn it as well. There are young adults who only know how to print because as soon as computers came into schools, handwriting took a downturn. You hear arguments that it’s not worth it in today’s digital world to spend the time to learn. But, we think it was worth it and it’s unfortunate that the future generations do not get to experience this.

Analog Clock

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

This one is epic, I am very sure schools don’t teach this in today’s generation. However it is pretty basic, and it was a huge part of our curriculum. Not learning about clocks wasn’t really and option. We’ll never forget the tick of that big clock on the wall on the last hour of a beautiful day outside, too!

Library Date Stamp

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

When you went to the library and approached the librarian at the desk, she would diligently stamp the card in the back of the book and maybe even remind you when it was due back in a scolding tone.

If it was a well-loved book then the card would be almost full and you could see all the dates and wonder about who had it before you. While bar codes are the most common way to check out books today, we loved all the crazy stamps in different colors!

Card Catalog

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

While you were at the library if you wanted to look something up you did it at the card catalog. I know it’s hard to believe, right? It was easier to find things quickly with the catalog.

Those old card catalogue cabinets fetch a pretty penny today!

Brown Paper Lunch Bag

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

We know some kids still take these to school, but they are not nearly as common. We didn’t have fancy lunch boxes so, a brown paper bag was the go to made by Mom (or that one time it was a bread bag!). That familiar rustle in the cafeteria at lunch time mingled with the endless chatter is hard to forge.

 Book Straps

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

Back in the day the requirements were pretty basic, every child have an art set, calculator, laptop, cell phone, and a zillion other things, the book strap was easy peasy to use. But, most of us probably just carried our books in our arms and almost nobody had a bag.

Book Covers

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

When you were issued your books at the beginning of the school year, you got a lecture about keeping them nice from your parents. My mother used to brown craft paper or paper grocery bags to make them. That was, if your school had enough of each book to go round!

Dodge Ball

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

Ah, the best way to get revenge and the best sport you can play in school. Kids, we had dodge ball! It is not allowed in a lot of schools these days, with probability of students getting hurt. The game was real back in the day, even if it means you are having fun playing it.

Writing On The Chalkboard

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore

Many classrooms don’t even have chalkboards anymore, and as public punishment is considered cruel, this isn’t something most children today would have to do.

The repetition of writing sentences as a punishment, in front of everyone was pretty embarrassing but we had to do it anyway. THEN you would have to erase it yourself like a second punishment, like writing wasn;t enough. You kids have no idea what we have been through!

The Reader

12 Things You Don't See In Schools Anymore