Reasons your skin is dry – Winters can be rough on our skin, especially more so in the colder regions. During winters, I find myself worrying about my skin a lot, for example constantly looking at my hands, legs, face etc.

It feels dry and that the weather is constantly stripping of all the moisture from my skin. I moisturize once after my shower in the morning, and soon enough I find myself moisturizing again.

Advertising usually tends you to believe that women using the latest creams is the solution to dry skin, obviously that’s not true. There are different skin creams for various skin types, you must understand your skin texture before you start using these creams.

Moisturizer’s usually add a bit of hydration to the skin, but their main task is to seal the moisture that is already in the skin. So, understand why your skin is dry and how you can take care of it.


Showering too often


Reasons Your Skin Is Dry


Cleansing is good for the skin, but over doing it makes the skin super dry. Your natural skin has oil and water content and stripping them of these natural oils is what makes the skin dry.

So, I recommend you use oil-based cleansers if you feel your skin texture is too dry and wash your face once before going to bed. Wash of the oil-based cleansers in the morning. Cleansers must be applied once!


Hot water


Reasons Your Skin Is Dry


I personally spend lot of time taking a shower, especially in the morning. But my skin does not respond well to the heat. But in winters the hotter the water the better your body feels. Excessive exposure to hot-water can also strip off oils from your skin.

The solution to this is to take a 10-minute shower if you are being exposed to hot water and patting your skin dry, instead of stripping the oils further.




Exfoliation – Reasons your skin is dry


Reasons Your Skin Is Dry



We all know exfoliation is good for the skin, but do you know how important it is for your skin-care routine. You cannot overdo exfoliation. According to skin care experts, exfoliating twice a week is good enough for a regular skin type.

They also add that if you do exfoliate, it’s important to replenish the lost oils and moisture from your skin. Of course you can always use a moisturizer to seal the hydration




Reasons Your Skin Is Dry


You need a better product as moisturizer – just like you change your wardrobe in accordance to the weather, you need to switch up your skin care regime during winter.

Use a thicker moisturizer during winters. During winters there is less water in the air that causes the water in your skin to evaporate more quickly than in summer. Which means your skin is likely to be cracking, peeling or flaking. Hence it is a better plan to use thicker moisturizer. Stay fresh & hydrated.


Stay Hydrated


Reasons Your Skin Is Dry


It might sound simple, but it is true.

Are you sure your skin and your body is getting the water it needs? It is easier to end up getting dehydrated when you are not drinking enough water. In addition to drinking lot of water, a diet with healthy fats can also help your skin maintain moisture. Moisture in the cell membrane makes you feel hydrated and fresh.