• Written and directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, The Blair Witch Project is a 1999 American psychological thriller that  revolves around three filmmaker students, Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams and Joshua Leonard. The premise is that the three actors disappeared in the woods while shooting a documentary, and their sound/film equipment was found a year later.

Here are some interesting facts about The Blair Witch Project:

  • The sound of children heard at night was taken from kids plays around in the house  of the director’s mom. The tape was played over speakers in the forest and it was one of the scariest scenes to shoot!
  • It took the production only eight days to shoot the whole movie and they shot 90 hours in total, which was edited down to 90 minutes.

Image Credits : gameshud.net

  • Actors were forced to eat less by the producers to retain drama and tension between the cast!
  • The reactions you witness from Heather, Mike and Josh are all real, as they were genuinely upset for walking around all day long.
  • The actors had a code word for when they needed to step out of character, if they wanted a break, they would say ‘taco’.
  • Some of the scenes are unscripted, while the actors were sleeping  in a tent and the tent starts shaking, they are scared for real! It was the director who shook the tent, expecting genuine response.

Image Credits : www.indiewire.com

  •  The cast who were asked to go interview the town people, had not idea the town people were planted by the director. So the expressions on their face was completely real!
  • Josh’s teeth found by heather were real, the hair? Also real.
  • The actors played deal in real life to promote the movies and infact, they were listed as “missing, presumed dead” on IMDb.

Amazed, aren’t you?