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100 Envelope Problem: How one can Save $5000 in 3 Months

Whereas the 100 envelope problem is sweeping TikTok, it’s not the one cash financial savings problem you may attempt. Listed here are two others value exploring, particularly if you wish to begin small earlier than committing to the 100-day problem.

30-day financial savings problem

The 30-day financial savings problem works equally to the 100-day problem, besides it spans 30 days. You’ll collect 30 envelopes and quantity them 1 by means of 30.

Every day, you’ll save the quantity indicated on the envelope you select. You possibly can go so as or shuffle the envelopes and randomly choose one.

After 30 days, you’ll have saved a complete of $465. As with the 100 envelope problem, you possibly can full a digital model of this cash problem reasonably than storing money in envelopes.

365-day penny problem

If you wish to begin smaller, contemplate the 365-day penny problem. For this problem, you’ll want a giant jar and an entire lot of pennies.

You’ll put one penny within the jar on Day 1, two pennies on Day 2, and so forth till you’re placing 365 pennies on the final day of the 12 months. (After all, you possibly can begin utilizing bigger denominations so long as you’re placing in the correct quantity).

After a 12 months of saving, you’ll have a complete financial savings of $667.95. Scraping collectively pennies can add up so long as you keep constant.



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